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Roadskater.net 2012 Inline Skating (Rollerblading) and Cycling (Bike) Jersey Order Form Link

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Here's a quick link to the jersey order form...deadline approaching soon...


The Roadskater.net jerseys are available in club fit & women's fit, with short-sleeves or sleeveless, in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and magenta, plus the 2012 Mystery Color! 

Orders are complete for summer, but if you would be interested in ordering now or over the winter, please send a note to jerseys at this website name. Or if you're brave and agressive, put it in the cart and I will contact you about options or a refund! 



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Roadskater Bike Skate Jersey Deadline Tuesday July 3 Noon EDT

The 2012 Roadskater.net Jersey Project final order deadline is tomorrow, Tuesday, July 3, noon EDT. We are getting close to the required minimum and while I don't think we've met it quite yet, I think we will be there by the deadline. If you are thinking of ordering, please act before the deadline. If you just need a bit of time to pay we can work it out for you to order but you'll still need to put it in the cart and send me the details of the order. Thanks to all for even considering it! More photos and the link for even more details here...


The 2011 order info page with much more information including sizing charts and hints...


skateylove y'all...


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People Keep Ordering Roadskater.net Jerseys So July 9 Noon EDT

RoadSkater.Net jerseys made min and people keep ordering so i called and asked if we could keep the deadline open a bit. yep. 
monday noon edt july 9. 
btw, you don't have to join paypal to pay with your credit card or checking account. safer than a waiter, and perhaps, your bank. 
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New and Gently Used Roadskater.net Jerseys as of Sept 26 2012

As always happens, some ordered sizes they could not use or they'd rather swap for another size. I am not sure about a winter order but even so, the mystery is over so all jerseys in the winter would be $59 shipped to USA. 

Here's what we have among our group:
1 NEW WTF SHORT sleeve size FL color 12 Ocean mystery grid fabric; swap for size FM SHORT sleeve Ocean or other. $54 shipped.
1 NEW OMG NO sleeve size M color Cherry Red (2011 mystery version) mystery $54 shipped.
1 NEW OMG SHORT sleeve size 2XL color Periwinkle Sky Blue (2011 reprint) mystery $59 plus shipping.
1 NEW WTF NO sleeve size FL color Periwinkle Sky Blue 2010 winter reprint. $59 plus shipping.
1 NEW WTF NO sleeve size FL color True Violet 2010 winter reprint. $59 plus shipping.
1 NEW WTF NO sleeve size FL color Hot Magetna 2010 winter reprint. $59 plus shipping.
1 VG WTF NO sleeve size FL color Sunflower 2010 original. $39 plus shipping. worn 2x. a few very small picks, otherwise new.

Write to jerseys at this webite for info, or join the site and reply here! 

Others may have more jerseys that are new or gently used available. Feel free to comment if you have some to offer. 
Let me know if you want to do reprints soon. I'll try to manage it along with http://carolinacentury.com and a2a.net coming up. 

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