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Roadskater.net Cloverleaf Inline Skating and Bike Route from Bur-Mil Pool Aquatic Center Greensboro NC

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I agree with timv that Bur-Mil pool is a good spot to park. There's a small restroom over by the picnic area that is often open, and a water fountain, I think, all accessible by skates/bikes. We do a route I call the cloverleaf. Here's how that goes... R on Bur-Mil Club rd out of parking lot L onto Owl's Roost Rd X (cross) over Bicentennial Tr (caution) S on Owl's Roost into newish houses C (circle back) cul du sac and return optional slightly downhill cul... L on Owl's Roost Ct C cirle back after cul du sac L on Owl's Roost Rd to continue... or continue... R onto Cedar Glen Dr R on Steepleton Way S on Steepleton Colony Ct C circle cul du sac and return L on Cedar Glen Dr R on Owl's Roost and quick... quit early by going... R onto Bicentennial Greenway caution after sidewalk section into "the twists" S bearing left up into parking lot by barn L on Bur-Mil Club Rd R into Bur-Mil Pool Aquatic Center parking lot or continue... L onto Bicentennial Greenway S over bridge over lake S through "the culvert" a concrete sidewalk sectioned dip X apex of hill with caution for "the chicane" blind curve quit early by turning around here and skipping the next step... C Turn back at apex of "hibachi hill" (my name) by apartments X apex after chicane and watch speed for culvert S over bridge X Owl's Roost Rd caution after sidewalk section into "the twists" S by pond on right quit early by going... S bearing left up into parking lot by barn L on Bur-Mil Club Rd R into Bur-Mil Pool Aquatic Center parking lot or continue... R and quick slightly downhill... L connecting to newer section of Bicentennial Tr X Strawberry Rd C circle back (turn around) at end of Bicentenniel Tr X Stawberry Rd R and quick... R up to bear left into parking lot by barn L on Bur-Mil Club Rd R into Bur-Mil Pool Aquatic Center parking lot I don't have mileages but maybe timv and I (and maybe eebee) will go measure it, or I can dig it out from old records. Enjoy. This is a mildly technical route for skates, and should be easy for most roadskaters with basic braking skills using caution at a few select spots. General info on the park, including hours... http://www.greensboro-nc.gov/departments/Parks/Facilities/regionalparks/... Bur-Mil has a blue bike loaner program too... http://www.greensboro-nc.gov/departments/Parks/Facilities/regionalparks/... Also, we could try to finish in the pool sometime... Family Aquatic Center Pool Hours 2009 June 12 to August 24 Monday-Friday 11 am to 6 pm Saturday-Sunday 10 am to 6 pm Snack bar open daily from 11 am to 4:30 pm Family Swim Nights Wednesdays beginning July 15, 6-8 pm $2.50 if you arrive between 6-8 pm. Regular admission applies if you arrive before 6 pm. General Admission Adults (ages 13 years and older), $4 Children (ages 3-12), $3 Children (2 and under), Free Monday Night Family Swim, $2.50 for anyone entering after 6 pm 2009 Season Passes are sale now Family of four or fewer, $150 ($30 for each additional family member) Adult, $70 Child (ages 3-12), $50 http://www.greensboro-nc.gov/Departments/Parks/facilities/regionalparks/...


Bur-Mil Family Aquatic Center Pool
Bur-Mill Club Rd at Owls Roost Rd
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
Phone: 336-373-3800
36° 9' 40.7664" N, 79° 52' 13.296" W
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