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Roadskater.net Jersey Photo Mosaic Graphic for Your Inline Skate Boots, Frame, Helmet

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I was looking for some trim for my skate frame and after so much time working on boots I decided just to make a photo mosaic of the three jerseys in skatesky, sunleaves and roadviolets. I wanted a flag-waving effect, so i took photos of the jerseys outside hanging vertically instead of smoothed out lying flat. The warping and imperfections were what I wanted, as repeated imperfections still have a pattern, but to me a more interesting one. These are the top-left edge versions, but I made some others that made full, even rows, too. Let me know via email if you want any of that. For our purposes some scissors and spray glue or label paper should do it.

I have several other attempts around from the last few days, but this one happened relatively quickly and I usually prefer those creations better. This is just for color on a frame or helmet or boot, but who knows I might make a tee of it.

I also worked in Illustrator and Photoshop to make some swatches that have the nine main colors from the three years' jerseys. That was fun but I didn't get far enough to make anything boffo. Maybe later!

This one reminds me of one of the Rolling Stones tees I loved as a youth, in the Some Girls age, when everyone, including the Stones, sold out to disco...some of it memorable...whatzamatta wichoo boi?

There's a legal size with .5" margins that comes to 8" x 13.5" and a letter size with .5" margins that comes to 8" x 10.5". Copyright 2007 Blake Lambert Roadskater.net All rights reserved but you can use them for your no-money, no-profit fun.

If you make stickers on paper laser would be better than ink jet, but get some quick drying clear spray paint and go lightly and it may turn out OK. I couldn't find legal size label paper so I will likely print either on full-sheet bland label stock or on matte finish 4-ups and collage the mosaic (rock the casbah, interc the penguin). No matter, I'll have some fun then spray over it all with clear acrylic and be done with it...but will it be at 4 a.m. on the eve of A2A?

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