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Roadskater.Net Light as We Upgrade and Reconfigure

roadskater's picture

Well life was too good so I complicated it by working on doing major upgrades to the Roadskater.net (rsn1.net and rsn2.com). Here are a few things of note:

  • Most of the changes are invisible, involving tracking down lots of loose ends, misdirections and such. This should improve our hit to error rates and rankings for our content.
  • The look of the site is temporary and I'll make it busy again with more information soon...some for you, some for the searchers to help them find us;
  • I hope and plan to give more benefits to members and especially contributors, but can't be specific on that. Hopefully things will be easier to use and more fluid for signed in members.
  • Images may not be available for a while as I revamp the way these are andles, but should still be back later...you could try file attachments if you like, and hopefully images will be cooler and easier and better, ha;
  • Events will likely not be available for a while but they'll be back as this is another area due for complete revampification.
  • Caution when writing as always, and especially as things are in flux. Please save your work in a text editor; all of this is part of the goal to improve things in the long run.

Skateylove and thanks for your patience and believe me, sadly, 99% of the upgrades will never be seen, but hopefully will be felt.


timv's picture

Looks like that was a long busy night

It's hard to appreciate all the work you put into this site sometimes, but I know that you spend a lot of time on it to keep it all going. It looks like a big upgrade is underway and I'm sure it'll be worth all the time and trouble when it's done.

Thanks for the hard work. I hope you got some good sleep.

roadskater's picture

Uhh...During the Day!

The upgrade was and is epic. Lots of things made it harder, but let's say I got lots of errors and had to get down to command line MySQL statements, as my web gui for MySQL was munged. There is a ton to do but I'm up to the next upgrade for now. The functions and the feel of it all will be in flux for some time I think. I may go back to the familiar if I can get that going easily, or I may just play around with it some over the coming week. Not sure. A lot of features I want to use are still a bit experimental and troublesome, but there's not much we'd lose except maybe events. However, if getting events in becomes easier it might be worth that. Just rambling here. More later.

timv's picture

A new look can be fun

If it doesn't end up looking and feeling exactly as it did, a change of look isn't always such a bad thing.

The one thing I'm missing most in this interim configuration is the red "new" labels that told me which topics had new entries in them. I really depend on that!

Good luck on the remained of the upgrade/s.

roadskater's picture

Create/Article instead of Create/Blog

Several new things, the first being blogs are still blogs but we talk about them like they're articles and I like that term as it works in magazines and other print media, so in the menus...

  • Create/Blog entry has become Create/Article. Most of us will just use this to post a note or ask a question.
  • Create/Article is still preferred to Create/Forum Topic (for those who can even see this) for now, though I may rethink my way of presenting all of this. The idea was to have articles and forums be the same but just look different. I thought all forum topics should get the same upfrontness as blogs/articles. So for now a blog and a forum are basically different only in how viewed. You still include your Articles in a Forum section as you write them, and most use the default Roadskater.net forum section, but others are available.
  • Images are back.
  • Events are back.
  • Anonymous user pages should be pretty fast now, but may be a few minutes old.
  • Logged in user pages should be relatively quick but I'm working on improving that by lots.
  • I have added a plus 1 thumbs up feature to help people find articles and comments that are worthwhile. For it to work, we all need to give a bump to extra good stuff. If you have time go back in the old stuff and plus 1 some stuff. The 5-star voting was ill-used. We now have a way for members and non-members to say "this was helpful" and a button has the advantage of being quick for users and anons and safe for the site even when used by lurkers.
  • More ways of doing polls soon and more polls and more members who can create polls soon.
  • Lots of background stuff, as ever, including the new look and features.
  • Thanks for keeping the content going as I've been absorbed in the mechanics.
roadskater's picture

Events and Images are Back But May Be Gnarly

Along with lots of background tasks that will never be seen, there are a few visible changes finally. Most are OK. Images and Events are back for now and awaiting some time to mangle them. The luvit (+1) stuff is very visible. Please vote on good stuff you see now or remember from long ago. It will help people find the flecks of gold in the pan full of sand. Thanks for all you do to help me keep going with trying to get a message out to people on the couch to get skating or riding, and to cyclists and automobilists about roadskating as well. And most of all thanks for the help with helping people who have Multiple Sclerosis.

MikeB's picture

roadskater.net light?

Is it now with Splenda?  

Tastes GREAT           Less Filling             Tastes GREAT           Less Filling

sorry.  :-D

Jack's picture

Great new look!

Looks like your hard at work once more Blake. RSN Lite is definitely freshy fresh! Guess I'm just dense, but couldn't figure out how to post a new question, so I'll just do it here. Feel free to repost in the appropriate section.

I need some new skating shorts (tights). The one's I bought at least a decade ago are made by Hind?? They are still in good repair, save the elastic around the waste, despite my every effort to rip them to shreds. Any ideas where to find them.

Skate Safe.


eebee's picture


Any luck finding shorts yet, Jack? I am in the same boat with 10 year old skate shorts that are now fraying at the edges. The kind of skate shorts we were able to buy easily ten years ago seemed to disappear from regular clothing/sports stores in between.

However! The good news is that women's spandex-type shorts are making a comeback, at least in Europe...so in time I believe this will trickle down to us being able to find them in regular stores again in plain old black. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

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