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Roadskater.net Marcia Woodfield Inline Skating Workshop for Multiple Sclerosis June 2 2007

roadskater's picture

Please register for my Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser...

Roadskater.net's Marcia Woodfield Inline Speed Skating Workshop, June 2, 2007 in Greensboro, NC.

Marcia Woodfield, pro masters inline skater for K2/Empire and all around awesome person will be coming to Greensboro to lead an 8-hour inline skating workshop in early June.

Registration fees will cover Marcia's flight expenses to GSO first, then half of the rest will go to Marcia for her time and half to Roadskater.net. RSN's half will be donated by Blake to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society at the 2-day, 90-mile, Tour to Tanglewood Sep 15-16 in Greensboro, NC. Come join us for the workshop and the tour!

Check out Marcia's swift self at: http://k2skates.com/empire.asp?TeamID=10

Come learn from a top pro masters woman and spend the day with friends and other skaters focusing on inline skating while benefiting those who can't enjoy our sport.

Everyone is welcome who is comfortable with the basics of braking and balance on recreational or speed skates. Marcia wants to stress that rec skaters are encouraged to join the speedskaters who are sure to attend. She will adjust the program to the level of the attendees and there will be plenty to learn on every level, so come on out and get to the next level from wherever you are.

Even if you can't do every drill this time or you need to sit out some to rest, just work on what you can do and get in up to eight hours of skating and skatethinking while you soak up the knowledge from the road in our rest time discussions.

Free skateylove all day to all people, participants or not.

We want to get started with registration early, so we're giving heavy incentives to early birds (who get the worm) and second mice (who get the cheese).

Sign-up and prepay...

  • By May 21st: $60;
  • By May 28th: $80;
  • After May 28th, $100.

We plan on two four-hour sessions (subject to change).

Location likely to be the same as for our other workshops (also subject to change).

Inexpensive hotels are available near the intersection of I-40 and NC-68, which is a nice area to stay for the workshop, but you will need a car in Greensboro. GSO airport is an extremely easy place for pick up or rental cars. We'll try to find free floorspace or better if you need it, rides too if we can, (but let me know EARLY on these). We may have a Friday social skate but we're not sure, but all are welcome if you do, (including non-participants on skates or bikes). We may have some skate races as part of the workshop or perhaps even the next day but this is all talk so far.

Marcia will adjust to the group and she loves to work individually as well during the sessions. We'll start with the basics Marcia's way, including her "Five Easy Ways to Go Faster," where she'll share her advice on balance, push, recovery, set down, knee bend and more.

Additional topics may include (specify your requests when you sign up and pay):

  • crossovers double push pack skating
  • off-season training
  • crosstraining
  • nutrition
  • race tactics
  • inside experience from the women's pro packs
  • comparison of women only packs, men only packs, and cross-gender drafting packs
  • strategies for 10k, marathon, and ultramarathon (A2A, NY100K) skating on all levels
  • conflict resolution (ok maybe that will be another workshop)

Just in case you wonder if any nice people are fast...

Marcia's 2006 Race Results:

  • Ottawa Marathon: 1st, women age 35-39; 3rd, overall women
  • Athens to Atlanta 87-miler: 2nd, women age 30-39; 7th, overall women
  • Northshore (Duluth) Marathon: 2nd, Pro Masters women
  • New York 100K 62-miler: 3rd, Pro women
  • Disney Marathon: 3rd, Pro Masters women
  • St. Paul Marathon: 5th, Pro Masters women

The fine print as we know it: 

  • The workshop takes place rain or shine! We have secret rain locations planned.
  • The workshop must have 10 registrations by the end of May 28 or it may be canceled.
  • If we cancel before the workshop begins you get your money back.
  • If you cancel on or before May 28 you get your money back, but we hope you'll donate some to MS!
  • We can't offer refunds after May 28, but we like happy folk so we'll try to find a solution.
  • Everything is subject to change except the skateylove.

We are not sure of the tax implications of your attendance. Please consult your accountant (I know I will, ha). After the workshop we'll disclose what portion of each registration goes to the MS Society through Blake's Tour to Tanglewood account, but it will be all of the RSN portion, or half of the amount above Marcia's airfare, which fare is anticipated to be roughly $200.

Please join us to help me raise money for people with Multiple Sclerosis for research and treatment funded by the National MS Society.




skatey-mark's picture

Sounds fun

I unfortunately won't be able to attend -- I'll be up in Michigan visiting family that weekend.  Hopefully you get enough people to sign up for this to happen.  Marcia's great and very fun, so I'm sure it will be a great weekend...


- SM - 

roadskater's picture

Scheduling a Workshop is Always Tough

Oh that's too bad! Some other folk have schedule conflicts too. Hopefully we can get our minimum and do another one later! Marcia was only available on this particular weekend this time of year for scheduling reasons.

I hope we can get ten to join us for our multiple sclerosis fundraiser, as it's a great opportunity for us to have her here for private, focused skating and learning time. Even those around Marcia lots up in New York City know that a full day of skating and skate talk with her is hard to come by with our busy lives going on in the background (or foreground).

And of course, there's no other way to get in eight hours of skating in one day...other than Athens to Atlanta for some of us! Thanks for the good wishes, skatey-mark, and we'll surely miss you.

roadskater's picture

Greensboro NC Marcia Woodfield Inline Skating Workshop Postponed

Hi y'all. Unfortunately the only date we had didn't work well for some of our most likely to join skaters. Thanks to our newest skate friend, Andrew, for signing up, and for the rest who signed up or showed interest.

I hope we can try this again. I think we could learn a lot from Marcia and the best way to stay on topic when around friends who skate is to make a skate workshop and use the lunches and dinners for the rest of the world's topics.

I'm sad because I hoped to raise some money for Multiple Sclerosis, but I'll try again and will do other things to raise money as well. I got a nice donation from a regular contributor who has a matching gift employer as well, so that was a nice lift in the context our workshop not working out.

It won't be long until the T2T training rides begin, and I'm looking forward to those, especially the one in Clemmons. Between that and the Tour de Lions course, those are a couple of favorites. And I look forward to seeing the rest stop staff, who I don't see when I go into the MS office (the NMSS office I should say, to distinguish from the software).

In any case, thanks to Marcia for trying. We'll look forward to seeing you in person and in the race results.

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