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Roadskater.net New Jersey in North Carolina Inline Skate Bike Ride (Unsupported)

roadskater's picture
2008.08.30 8:00 am
2008.08.30 1:59 pm

OK. Now I can say it. The jerseys have just arrived and they look pretty good methinks, but I have not had time to check them thoroughly. The color is a color you have seen before somewhere in nature. Some are going to love it, and some will hate it. Now it's just a matter of getting them to the people that love it. If you don't love it, don't open it and we'll sell it to someone else. But I hope you love it!

To celebrate and give some of you a chance to come get your jerseys and do some skating and cycling, we're going to have a skate and bike ride skride on Saturday morning at 8am on some great roads north of Greensboro and up around Bethany. This will be a modified Red, White and Blue route, with much less if any Hwy 150. We'll start up on Air Harbor Road or perhaps at Archergate. More details as I know them. 

Show up at 7:45 or sooner if you want to get your jersey and I hope you'll want to wear it so we can get some photos. We'll try to roll at 8 or as close as possible. You can help with some future projects if you come out and try our route and give me your comments.

I'm still working on the route details but I will have some turn sheets (so let me know if you're coming) but we hope to do 50 miles or close to that. We'll know some ways to shorten it. I would hope for a nice day out getting in the miles.

There are fire stations and convenience stores on the route, especially on the last half.

There are some exciting and safe hills, and we will miss most of the traffic by timing the busier sections earlier and eliminating much of the congestion altogether by starting out of town a bit. There's one spot that will use your brake or wheels but not for a long time, and it is managable. Still I wouldn't bring my brand new wheels for this day but would save them for the tour. This part may not be in the final route but for now it is. Trust me it's not a big deal; just something to know about (nothing like the stuff on Ken's T2T ride).

More info to come including the exact location for parking, but please let me know if you think you can come join us. (Use the contact form by clicking my name, or email me if you know my address.)


Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 9' 51.624" N, 79° 49' 1.2396" W


MikeB's picture

Ohhhh, it's not in Newark?

cool beans. I'm open to attending this event but would have to carpool with someone that's in/around Raleigh. Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?
roadskater's picture

Nor Ridgewood nor Palisades Park nor Weekawken

Yo Linda if you read this! If we came to Jersey we'd have to skate Ridgewood Park and probably should make up a marathon or more course using the GWB and maybe the ferries (if we couldn't get the Lincoln Tunnel worked out like was done for Liberty Skate Weekend in past years for Easter Seals). I hope you can get another taker from the triangle, so please hit the lists there. We'll likely mostly stay together but I can't make promises what these guys and gals will do, for sure. But this route will be sweet indeed. And you'll be among the first to see the secret color, for what that silliness is worth! Oh and it will be mostly loop with no repetition planned and very little likely. It's not my ideal future route but it's getting close.

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