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Roadskater.net Represents at the Ride of Silence

timv's picture

A week or two ago I happened to find a couple of blogs that are being kept by local bike guy Ian Joyce: Veloblog and Manage to Experience. The first is mostly about cycling and the second is more about his professional work in the area of marketing and the Internet.

I know him a little bit from chatting at rides in the area and occasionally seeing each other around town and he's always come across as a friendly, gentle-natured guy, but hadn't been aware of how involved he is in the digital world of social communities and open source software and The Long Tail and such.

Scanning though some of his blog entries, I found one about the Ride of Silence held this past May to remember cyclists who have been killed or injured in traffic accidents. And almost directly in the center of his photo is Your Humble Correspondent, wearing my newest purple Roadskater.net jersey and wheeling my goofy fixed-gear funnybike.

Just thought I'd give Ian a plug and send him a couple of trackback links.


greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 4' 24.5964" N, 79° 47' 24.576" W


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Supersweet Thanks for Wearing the Jersey

That's good stuff timv, and sounds like a great guy to know. Thanks to you and to everyone who picks out the Roadskater.net skateylove yes! grateful to be skateful jersey for a ride any time anywhere. You'd be amazed where they pop up. I'll never forget the time I showed up in DC and so many of you guys had donned the Roadskater.net jersey. That was a sweet surprise and a alive moment.

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