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Roadskater.net Tour to Tanglewood Team Gets Speedskateworld.com Skateylove

roadskater's picture
eebee pointed out that we got some more skateylove from Speedskateworld.com and they even lifted a photo of our team to show us off to their world. Peter Doucet does a great job of his own photos and videos, plus gathering links and creating content on his site, and he's surely a speedy skater too. I get lots of the same items in my news searches but Peter actually takes the time to write and share. Thanks! I even saw the Speedskateworld mention in my news searches, so I'm sure others will have a chance to see our sleepy, dazed faces, thanks to Peter. As for me, I'm not too proud of how I look there, but I'm very proud to be with that group of skaters!
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