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Roller-Journalism on CNN: Gary Tuchman in Haiti

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There's a video on CNN's blogs about a journalist who skates around Haiti.

In his video, Gary Tuchman mentions the skates being not just an ice-breaker, but a way to find human-interest stories. "Rollerblading" is a viable mode of transportation in Haiti right now, as many streets are still unsound from the earthquake and four-legged vehicles are prohibited on some roads. He says he hasn't noticed animosity towards his skating, and frankly, he looks like he's having a great time! Not only that, he's wearing helmet & pads. Yay! 


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Wow. A Reporter Video That is Modest, Encouraging and Personal

I have to say I was really surprised at the video, and happily so. Thanks for posting it. 

I expected it to be a "look at me, aren't I great...watch this...and this!" Instead I thought it was wonderfully modest. He's not showing any tricks, and is even allowing us to see him toddle a bit. He's not making it unrealistically positive I don't think, as you can see the streets he's on and the traffic he's sharing the potholes with. There's no glam or sizzle.

Instead, it seems motivated by his desire to be encouraging and to show people that rollerblading (inline skating) is a good way to get around even in less than optimal conditions. He says that inline skates are exercise equipment you can travel with, too. 

By telling his personal story he lets us see, as he moves along, that we could do it too...lots of us...all over the world. 

It really is easy to forget what a bargain skates are for travel, exercise and fun. 

He also has noticed that people are pretty receptive to rollerbladers (skaters) in most places. (I think this is especially true where traffic is already impeded by other traffic and by stop signs and traffic lights.) Skating is a great way to meet new people in a new place. Some of the happiest times of my life are when I can travel with skates with friends (or even alone) to meet new friends. 

He makes the points that we often make, so maybe that's why we like it, ha! That's OK. 

Any kind of love beats any kind of hate. 

Skates and smiles go a long way in life. Let's go!

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Inline on war torn streets?

Mr. Tuchman is one brave soul.  At first glance it looks fun/challenging/exciting and a great way to make friends in far away places which must help in creating good interviews, etc.


At second glance (looking at the road conditions, traffic conditions, apparent lack of driving skills and disregard for any rules of the road), one has to wonder if Mr. Tuchman is clever as a fox, or will become like some foxes out on country roads ----- roadkill. 


He sure is calm; reporting while skating, evidently not concerned with the passing taxi that doesn't have enough room to pass, or the passing moped with 3 riders and a wobbly front tire.  This is one brave reporter.  Hats off to him!  I'll be searching the internet for more of his work.

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Crazy Like Roadkill!

Yeah perhaps that's why the drivers are mostly amicable towards him skating in the street! Although that probably has more to do with these folks living under extreme conditions, so it doesn't bother them to see someone skating down the street.

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