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Rollerblading Inline Skating Artist from Vermont Paints with Skates

roadskater's picture

Here's a brief article about an artist who likes to paint with her skates. It might be a new way to paint, but it's not really a new way to skate, methinks. Vermont seems like a pretty nice place to live...summer at least! Probably I'd get used to dealing with snow again, and I might even get addicted to skiing again...or outdoor ice...but right now, I'm imagining snotcicles and it just has no appeal! Talk about gunk in your bearings, I'd say this painting is a bit messy but really how far do you have to go to skate on a canvas? 

A New Way to Skate - WCAX -

A New Way to Skate
WCAX, VT - 23 hours ago
She's got her helmet and her rollerblades, but for Jean Cherouny to go skating, she needs her paint, too. Cherouny chuckles, "It's sort of a twist! ...


South End Art Hop - Burlington Factory Studios
208 Flynn Avenue
Burlington, Vermont
United States
44° 27' 20.9016" N, 73° 13' 4.6956" W


eebee's picture

Image-Music Skatesthesia

Ha! That 4th pic down makes me think she had a serious case of synaesthesia and wanted to (skate) paint a song. Looks like 'Steal my Sunshine' by Len, to me. I can't believe I'm going to post this :-) 




roadskater's picture

I Wonder if She's a Certified Inline Artist?

One of my favorite arrghs is certifications and how much they cost and how they become expected even if the people who know the most about a subject think the certs mostly bogus. Then I was thinking that you can be an artist or musician or lots of things without being certified by anyone. Just be it. One of the best skate instructors we know is definitely not certified (OK I give in and say even if he's certifiable, as they say). Certifications do offer a certain amount of forcing oneself to study or prepare, but when they turn into industries it's kind of sad that the least financially able then are left out of yet another field where they might make an independent living. I'm glad being an artist or musician is still open to all instantly as soon as they create, as I became a photographer the day I took my first photograph, and even if it's not much better than saying a drunkard or a doper, ha! Did anybody say juggler, magician, actor, salesperson for goodness sakes? OK. It's been a long day and I think I'm frazzled.

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