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Rollerblading (Inline Skating) Part of the Family Story

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As I scan the news for inline skating stories, I simply can't believe how many people are remembered for something having to do with rollerblading (inline skating). Mostly of course it is when kids die that their family lists skating as one of the things they'll remember about the person. But what strikes me about it is that skating is so personal, so intimate, in so many of these stories. It's one of those things family or closest friends try together, with hilarious, exhilarating or sometimes dangerous results. One of those memories came across my screen, and while it is not great writing or perfectly told for effect, it speaks of the danger, the fun, the dearness, the challenging of self, the desire to be and look cool, and how a simple coasting device can be main subject of the heart when someone is gone. This from a funeral in early December:

Mikie Guido said another of his favorite stories about his dad involved an adventure in rollerblading. The mayor put skates on and walked around the family room, proud of his ability to stand.

Mikie Guido said his dad didn't believe his family when they told him he looked good — or that the only reason he was still standing was because of the family room carpet. The mayor decided to try rollerblading on the backyard patio.

"We barely caught him before he rolled into the swimming pool," Mikie Guido said.


Peace to you, those who loved the would-be pool skater.

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