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Rolling in Randolph 50-Mile Route Map with Elevation, Plus Brief Review

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Between working on skate boots and frames and work and sleep, I couldn't resist looking at the elevation profile for the Rolling in Randolph (NC) 50-mile skate (bike ride). There really were some steep hills! I may add some comments later, but for now, here's the link to the http://mapmyride.com map:


Regarding mapmyride, my first impressions are good. I've lost some work there before, but that happens with computers! I like the options it has for staying on roads and for showing elevation profiles. Hope you like the map.

Great ride. Rest stops could be better with out a lot more effort (by having knives to cut fruit and perhaps even cutting some for weary folk; having paper towels; having sports drink at the last stop in addition to water; finding some snacks with little or no fat; having salt or lite salt at stops), but the staff was friendly and encouraging and we had a great time.

Also, let me point out that the staff seemed happy to take as much time as riders and skaters wanted, and the rest stop snacks were fine, just not items I wanted to eat while skating (which is why I brought my own gels).

It was great fun and a really nice course for those not afraid (or not too afraid) of somewhat steep ups and downs. We had some nice time afterward with some of the staff and cyclists, too.

Although I had several struggles during the day and wasn't that much fun to be with, we three stayed together the whole way.

Perhaps more later...

I believe all three of us would vote to do Rolling in Randolph again, if it works out between the Tour to Tanglewood and Athens to Atlanta. Thanks Asheboro Parks & Recreation!


A favourite story of Chad Mulligan's

"This very distinguished philosophy professor came out on the platform in front of this gang of students and took a bit of chalk and scrawled up a proposition in symbolic logic on the board. He turned to the audience and said, 'Well now, ladies and gentlemen, I think you'll agree that that's obvious?' "Then he looked at it a bit more and started to scratch his head and after a while he said, 'Excuse me!" And he disappeared. "About half an hour later he came back beaming all over his face and said triumphantly, 'Yes, I was right —it is obvious!'"
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Great Ironically Funny Story, Plus More Random Thoughts

I like that story! That about sums up so much of my attempts to communicate, and I like how the quote itself has that obvious non-obviousness to it. I love those obvious ideas that go back to obscurity by the time you can try to share them!

I put in some paragraph divisions and realized it wasn't really writ mit paragraphs in mind, ha! I can see where I felt bad criticizing the food and wanted to mitigate that, and also I know I wanted to write something more about my weak planning and potential results from that.

Basically I didn't use my usual drink mix (having run out of Lite Salt) and had not figured out what became obvious (I think, and ha there's that word again) later in the day...that the battery in my Polar 725i HRM (CR2354, available at Batteries Plus on Battleground Ave) was apparently dying. So for the first 30 minutes, for whatever reason, I had no reliable HR data. Perhaps I should be able to let that go, or should get another HRM strap, or some other should, but I was frustrated about that and didn't really settle into any flow for awhile. When I did, the flow wasn't so great!

Add to this my having skated 10 miles the night before at Country Park (not a good idea the night before such a hilly course), my skating along early not feeling relaxed, and going too fast up hills to sustain the pace (for me) for 50 miles, and I had written the check for pain later in the day. My compatriots were cruising along great in the first few miles (and later) but I was worried as we didn't know the course.

It all came out great but I did have a minute or two of extreme agony after the event, when one muscle on the right leg (or maybe a few?) seized pretty badly for a long time. There were some thrilling downhills we'd like to have done again once we knew them. And there were several uphills where I might've made it up without stopping, but I didn't! It's possible this route is hillier than A2A. Certainly good training, especially if 2 weeks before instead of 1.

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