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Rolling in Randolph Review: 50-Mile Skate (Bike Ride)

andrewinnc's picture

This was a day of many firsts. The first time anyone has skated in Rolling in Randolph, at least I am pretty sure from the reaction we got from everyone, the first-time Roadskater was represented here, and 50 miles for myself. Blake and Elizabeth met me on a chilly morning as everyone was busy readying themselves for the skate/ride. Many bicyclist showed up for the event, some from as far away as Pittsboro and Charlotte, most of them to ride the century. That is quite an accomplishment on any kind of self-powered wheels. We made some new friends and everyone had a good time.

The three of us skated the 50 miler. The courses were all well laid out and marked, the cue sheet/maps were excellent we had no problems. No wrong turns today. The roads were varied in quality, but I am going to say 98% of them were excellent. Very smooth and even lots of newly paved roads. The 50 miler had quite a few challenging hills and we found ourselves going quite fast on them. Needless to say what goes down must come up so we had to pay for the downhill rides with some hills that were unbelievably long and a couple that seemed straight up. Maybe it is the fact that we were on our 40+ mile when we hit a couple of them. But there were several that pushed your heart rate to the max.

There were plenty of rest stops and a variety of snacks to choose from. The staff was great and very helpful, they were having almost as much fun as we were. Thanks to Asheboro Parks and Recreation for putting on the event and going the extra mile to do it right.


timv's picture

Good Day's Skating

Thanks for the write-up, Andy. I would have liked to join you all but had family obligations today. It sounds like things went really well and you three did a fine job out there. It turned out to be a really nice day and I'm glad to hear that the ride met expecations. Maybe next year...


eebee's picture

Very Nice People & Course

I'm glad you told us about this event, Andy! It was good to skate a refreshingly new course, where you DON'T know what mountain-climb lurks around the corner :-). Ignorance is bliss. Seriously, if we hadn't have stopped on that long, steep climb towards the end, I would never have thought to have turned around to glimpse the breathtaking view over the Zoo, out towards whatever hills those were to the South.


I'll confirm the kind & welcoming nature of the organizers and volunteers to us skaters. As for me, I enjoyed the rest stop food immensely (12 vanilla creme cookies and 2 huge m&m cookies). Fat's gotta help something, somewhere, right?!


At least 3 completely unrelated people asked us 'how on earth do you get up those hills on skates?!". And 2 people asked how we got down those hills on skates.


Funny how different people's definitions of 'challenging hills' can be. At the last rest stop some of the cyclists and volunteers warned us "You have some very challenging hills up ahead on Crestview Church Rd - it's all up and down", making swooping roller-coaster impressions with their hands. Well I'm here to tell you that by far the most challenging part was before we even got to Crestview Church, on Old Cox Rd. First came a fun, long and very twisty fast downhill, followed by a brutal uphill banking to the left at the foot of it, to where pushing off to the right was pretty nigh impossible. Hence Crestview Church, although straighter and therefore more visibly up and down, was an absolute doddle in comparison.


Similarly skewed was the description of the last 3 miles coming back into Asheboro on US Hwy 220, whose traffic speed and breezy straightaways reminded me of N. Highland on A2A. According to our encouraging rest stop compatriots, this road was to be 'flat'. If 'flat' means 'straight', then ok :-)


Moral of the story: On a long, challenging skate, if anybody at all from volunteers to cyclists says anything about the upcoming terrain or mileage, have your brain scramble their words to where you don't hear or process them. Because 'you're almost done', or 'the hilliest part is over with' are all a matter of opinion! To be fair, most people at the last rest stop implied to us that the worst was yet to come, so that was nice!


It was nice to hang out in the grass after our 50 miles, with the first of the 100 mile cyclists just finishing up.

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