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Rowbike - from the dude that started Rollerblade

skatey-mark's picture

Spotted this at Friday expo before Northshore and it looks pretty damn cool...



It's called a RowBike, and basically is a hybrid rowing machine & bicycle. I really wanted to take one for a test ride, but was denied... (Takes some time to learn how to ride it, I guess.) Probably a good thing, since I certainly didn't need to be crashing the night before the marathon.

I always thought if I couldnt skate Tanglewood, that it would be cool to do it on my recumbent trike... But now I see what the truly cool way to do it would be -- on a RowBike...

More information at: http://www.rowbike.com/


- SM -


Jack's picture

What a Great..

..upper body workout plus coordinating balance to boot. Did they give any specs like weight or materials used?


skatey-mark's picture

Rowbike specs

I poked around, and finally found some specs on the 'order' page... Here's the specs for the top-of-the-line mode:



  • Regular Price: $1100.00

  • 7005 Series Aluminum Frame

  • Quick release wheels 26" (back) and 24"(front)

  • 1.50" 100 PSI high performance Schwable Marathon tires

  • 7 speeds Shimano Mega Range DERAILLEUR

  • Tetra V Brakes

  • Color: Frame is silver and power lever is blue

  • Power lever is 26

I have no idea what most of that means, not being a cyclist, but it sounds impressive... :)


The FAQ has a tiny bit of information in it, mainly the weight, which is about 45 pounds. It comes mostly assembled, and will fit on most bike racks... http://www.rowbike.com/faq.html


- SM -


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