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RSN2: Why no signature files?

roadskater's picture

Hi to all, and welcome to new members. I have been meaning to post about this issue for many weeks but have not done so.

I am looking to disable all signature files for the site and until then I will be manually deleting them. The reason for this is that unlike an email list where things vanish into the ether, this is a public website where we really don't need hundreds of copies of the same phrases, links, etc.

I understand some would like to have their name there, but let's just say, type your name when you feel it, and leave it out when you don't.

My take on it is that anything that is worth saying hundreds of times is worth typing hundreds of times. Take a look at my repetitive posts and you'll see that I do plenty of that.

I hope this is ok with everyone and that you'll understand my reasoning. If not, send me site/feedback or email. I'll consider your point of view, whether I change my policy or not.

Thanks, and Skateylove, Blake


skatey-mark's picture

Signatures are overrated

I personally think signatures on forums are dumb, so I'm all in favor of this!  Signatures in emails I could give or take.


- SM - 

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