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Running with ID my thoughts and conclusions during a nighttime run

kjg's picture

I use my runs as thinking time - it is kind of like a conversation except it is just me talking and sometimes I argue myself around to a different point of view!

Recently I went for a run a dusk - something I generally try to avoid for safety reasons, but I also try not to allow concerns from limiting my ability to exercise. To put your mind at rest further I always make sure someone knows where I am going and how long I will be.

I got thinking as the light decreased about how safe I really was out there (I will spare you my thoughts of what might happen to me - I have quite an active imagination!) then I started to think about who would remember seeing me during my run - the car drivers on the multiple busyish roads that I had crossed, the people putting out their trash or the woman who nearly ran me over as she reversed out of her driveway without looking. I was becoming increasingly bitter at the thought that these people probably wouldn't either remember seeing me or recollect what I looked like (visions of missing persons posters flashing through my head!)

As I made the turn into my road at the end of my 4 mile run I looked down at my Roadid (www.roadid.com) which is on my shoe and realised that one of the phone numbers was the one that was in my pocket and the other was out of date since we moved house. I realised that I really shouldn't expect anyone else to pay attention to my safety if I wasn't taking responsibility myself. As I ran up to my house with these thoughts in my head I picked up my neighbor's (whom I don't really know) garbage cans that were blowing in the street and smiled at another runner who was passing my house and made a mental note of his description. With my mood lightened I went into my house, this is why I like to run - much like skating it gives you endless time to think and sometimes you come to conclusions that may surprise you!  


profjb2000's picture

Road ID / I.C.E.

Keeping information on you is such as simple precaution that it doesn't make sense to not have it. I don't venture out for a skate or ride without my Road ID, my wallet containing at least my medical card and ID , my cell phone containing my wife's cell number listed under I.C.E (in case of emergency) in the phonebook, and someone knowing my approximate route/schedule. The Army didn't give us dog tags for fun...it works.

You are probably quite correct about people not noticing you too. Everyone keeps their blinders on and looks the other way so as not to become involved. We just had a great example here in St Louis with the missing kids in plain sight.

eebee's picture

"Remember - You Can Make a Difference" (John Walsh)

That was a phrase ringing around my head yesterday as I read the fantastic news of not one, but 2 abducted boys being found alive in MO. Just trying to imagine the utter devastation the parents of missing children must go through sends me too close to the edge and I have to quit thinking about it. But what a hero the older boy, Mitchell, was for not only being completely on the ball on the way home from school in noticing the abductor's vehicle, but for coming forward and telling the police & FBI, so that they could get a clue where to start looking.


After reading this unusually joyous piece of tabloid news, I had been reminded of the importance of being observant, and then KJG's blog reinforced that.


For a somewhat low-budget but very nicely acted movie, which effectively portrays the fears and paranoia that sometimes run rampant through our minds...(ok, mine)...check out Look Both Ways

roadskater's picture

Look Both Ways Especially at 11:14 (Movie Reviews)

I'm glad you mentioned Look Both Ways. [eebee and I watched it together simuldvdously by phone. There may be spoilers here, as with any commentary I make.] I thought the mix of animations of disaster within the live action was great. The movie continued beyond this device well, though I felt some of the last third of the movie was reaching a bit. Still, some nice ideas expressed well.


The movie is not among my 5s but I'd say easily a 4 as I like small films anyway. I can't say I think everyone acted in the most open and considerate ways but since when is that a way to judge a film? Certainly the main characters were both in shock and they seemed to share this visual skill and horrific imagination in their own ways. I enjoyed some of the substories and the goth Cure-alike kid was a nice touch, as well as the woman dropping the oranges and the uptight fellow cricket team play coworker.


Thanks eebee for mentioning this film.


We also watched 11:14 based on a recommendation I read and I say that's a 5 and quite the shocking little flick in a this could really happen way. Great cast, nice direction, pretty tight script, nice performances from almost all the cast, famous or not...Patrick Swayze, Barbara Hershey, Hilary Swank, others.


11:14 relies on precise accidents and the stupidity of some of its characters but in mostly believable ways within the universe it creates. There are some silly moments, some startling ones worth thinking about, and some really fun dangerous moments especially in the convenience store where Swank and her acting partner share a fabulous scene of love and fear and stupidity in a late night tight spot where lives unwind together.


Hershey and Swayze play their middle-aged married couple very well, and he was the best I've ever seen him in anything (a compliment despite my not being a real fan of his choices). There is so much good intent in some of the awful choices, or at least lack of bad intent...mostly just stupid attempts at fun or repairing previous stupid moves or just love misdirected...perhaps not in every case. So 11:14 is a definite pick for little-known interesting independent films.


Oh and to the original topic...that roadid stuff sounds good. I have a laminated photocopy of my driver's license in my Camelbak I think. Beyond that I'm not all that well prepared methinks. Thanks for the reminders.

kjg's picture

I meant to also say that I

I meant to also say that I immediately ordered two (one for my skates and one for my running shoes) new metal parts for my road id (marginally less expensive than replacing the whole thing) with my updated information. So I am now all up to date!

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