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Running in the Michigan arctic tundra and setting a new PB!

kjg's picture

I thought that you sunny southerners would enjoy this - it has been a little cold in Michigan this weekend. On Saturday I did my 8 mile long run for the week on Hines drive (where there is always a head wind in both directions!) in 15 deg F with a windchill to make it feel like zero! I am not kidding when I tell you that at some points I was actually being blown backwards as I ran up the hills! This is the route for the actual 1/2 marathon (which is why I am trying to do my longer runs there to train on the rolling hills and with the omni-present headwind.) So it was slow but I stayed warm and got through it (dreaming of my cobb salad and all the trimmings it was going to have on it most of the way!)

But this was just the warm up (or cool down!) for Sunday - the Superbowl 5K "fun" run! Air temp of 0 deg F which felt like -20 deg F with the windchill, fortunately the wind was more gusts than constant blowing! They started us with two laps around the parking lot which was pretty miserable (as everyone finds their pace and some seem completely unaware of anyone around them!) and then basically and out and back course. It was a balance between keeping nose and mouth covered and being able to breathe. I actually saw one guy with ice on the whole tip of his nose! Anyway a new 5K PB for me the Garmin said 3.4 miles in 24:34, the official results say 24:50 something so it was somewhere in there around 7 1/2 minute miles which I was pleased with and I guess some of this training is paying off.

Thanks to our constant supporter Shawna who cheered us on the course and my husband who hung out at the start finish (inside the building!).

They promise pictures coming soon, so maybe you can see what running snowmen look like! www.runsuperbowl.com

Oh yes - and if you are asking why would you do a thing like that? It was all about the souvenir pint glass! 


roadskater's picture

Detroit Weather Making News

Thanks for telling us about your personal best made on a very crisp day! That's amazing that Shawna braved 0°F temps (-18°C) while NOT running. That's dedication indeed. Congrats to your husband for showing support and wisdom! It's great that you are making such progress at the most difficult time of year (at least it would be for me, as I handle or at least enjoy the heat much more than cold). Keep giving us stories from the running road.

Meanwhile we hear here that Detroit kiddies are out of school today due to the extreme cold there. It's a shame that even if you get snow it won't be the best day for kidsters to get out in it perhaps. We should get down to 15°F in Greensboro tonight. In the NC mountains, Boone is listed at 18°F at midday with 22 mph winds. At 3266 feet, Boone is a bit warmer than some of the surrounding mountains of course, including Grandfather Mountain and Beech Mountain. Over 5000 feet it should be brisk indeed today.

Even in Georgia the peaches will have it under freezing at about 27°F tonight.

But that's nothing compared to what it looks like your area will be: 1°F with the feel of -13°F. Crispy crackle! Bundle up and keep those faucets dripping folks!

eebee's picture

Congratulations on your PB

First of all I can't believe anybody would go outside in those temps, much less in the name of exercise. But then to set a PB while you're at it?! Incredible. I look forward to seeing the nasal-icicle photos! Well done. Your lungs must be in fabulous shape :-)

Keep us posted on how your exercise schedule is working out (obviously really well!).  

eebee's picture

I see you!

I enjoyed looking at the photos of this event. One guy went bare-legged! But I think your face says it all in the second one:




Let's hear it for the running snowpeople!





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