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Running: Ottawa Race Weekend Drops in-line Skating

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Ahh this is a shame, as Craig and I vaguely talked of a return to do this fine event, and I would love seeing Ottawa again. Please note that there's an Ottawa Inline Skating Festival very soon (Sep 3, on Canada's Labour Day, the same as USA's Labor Day). It sounds like tons of fun and I would seriously love to go there. The US10K is the same day. Such good opportunities on the same day! (I'm severely unready for a 10K, were I ever, but this one is point-to-point and not laps so I'm likely to finish; laps are just an easy way to quit early as far as I am concerned.) Of course the NY100K is forthwith as well...this coming weekend! Oh boy another place I'd love to be. Time=1/Money! Ha! Ahh, but rules make sonnets, and choices make a life!

Regardless, it is a shame that this great quality event will likely not be with us, at least for now. I have fond memories of time there with Craig and Bobbi and their families, seeing that beautiful city on ten wheels on another day after my miserable lack of performance on race day! I remember Ottawa every time I see the poorly repaired hole in my favorite long skating tights, and fortunately for many fond images as well...city, farm, friends, family. We saw Rod W and Eddy M, and caught Eduardo at the finish line just after a win in the 10K on the eve of the 42K, which I believe he won as well?

Hopefully, this decision will be reversed in some future years, as it's a great buzz to be involved on skates in an event that also has lots of other athletes. The reasons are understandable, if the decision an unhappy one, and the release seems incredibly well put and respectful toward skaters...and appreciative. Closed courses will always be tough to come by, especially at 42K and above, methinks.

Thanks to Ottawa for many opportunities not taken, and one taken, where though I personally started out miserably then hung on for dear life with shelter for a good while from Andre from DC as I recall (hope I got that right), whom I see and always hope to thank. After hiding behind him for many minutes I was ultimately rejuvenated and hope I did my share toward the end! Hopefully we'll all be there again for an event soon!

PS: I thought Ottawa's club was Ottawa Urban Inline Skating Club or some such, so it spelled frenchy yes! Oui? But then, being across the river from Hull and the Québécois I'm not sure I'm remembering this correctly, as I would assume some rivalry there among cities and provinces. I remember this "urban" bit however because I had thought to start the Greensboro Urban Inline Skating Club so GUILT could be its name! GILT would be great of course, but GUILT has such possibilities: "I [heart] GUILT" "Come skate with GUILT" or headlines like "GUILT wins in every event!" "GUILT raises money for charities worldwide." OK that's enough guilt for one day.

PPS: In looking to see if there's an accent in Oui, I found this: "There is a special French word for yes, si, that is used only when responding yes to a negative question." I never knew. See http://french.about.com/library/weekly/aa022600.htm.


Running: Ottawa Race Weekend Drops in-line Skating Event
RunnersWeb, Canada - 1 hour ago
... Skating Club (OISC) plans to take over organization of a similar skate event in the spring. The OISC has been instrumental in organizing the inline skate ...
[Inline Skating]


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"Si! I mean Oui!"

Reminds me of the Pink Panther cartoons with Clouseau's dozy sidekick, Judo, who used to follow him around saying "Si! I mean, Oui". 


Regarding multi-sport races that drop the inline part: Don't it always seem to go, that you dunno what you got, til it's gone...they paved paradise, to put up a parking lot. Wait, that's the other article about the trail housing developments.

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