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Second Annual Raleigh/Durham Area Christmas Light Skate

dtg's picture
2008.12.19 6:30 pm
2008.12.19 8:30 pm

Hope you can join us for the second annual Raleigh/Durham area Christmas Light Skate!

Details posted on the meetup site:



Raleigh Earth Fare
10341 Moncreiffe Rd
Raleigh, North Carolina 27617
United States
35° 54' 3.2796" N, 78° 47' 36.6792" W


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How was the Triangle Christmas light skate?

Hey guys. I was wondering how the holiday lights skate went for you guys in the Triangle. I haven't skated any, even on the warmest day of late, but we did drive around and look at some impressive lights here on our damp streets Saturday evening. Has the light ball craze hit the Triangle as it has the Triad over the last few years? The light balls are variously made by winding light strings around chicken wire and such I hear, and I saw one guy mounting them aloft with the aid of a fishing rod and reel. Some of these light balls are crazy high in the treetops, and the older the neighborhood the higher the treetops. How many did you have skating? How far did you go? How long did you skate? Wish we could've made it, but there was no way. Soon, maybe, we'll be skating with you all.
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Test Post By Cellular Phone Via Opera Mini Browser

Yes this is a post using Opera Mini browser, which is very nice for viewing websites and ok for posting. To be great for writing it needs to offer more typing modes than ABC all c ap, abc all low, T9w init cap, 123, and symbol. Regarding hockey can you tell us lots more about the ice skating you are doing and where and how?

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