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Second Greensboro Historic Test Skate

roadskater's picture

We did another historic downtown Greensboro skate on June 3 at about 7pm as we scout a route for a skride here that might be on Tuesdays at 7pm or so, or perhaps on weekends. The idea will be to get some slow bikes to come out, and for us to just create a positive presence in the downtown area for exercising on the streets in a fun way.

We had a great time and saw some new sites, including my first residence in Greensboro many years ago on Park Ave., where I could hear the 7th inning stretch at the old War Memorial Stadium nearby. On summer evenings I used to wander over in the sixth or seventh inning and walk in as many were leaving (especially the irritable), and I'd watch a few innings that mattered sometimes. I recall, I think, ha, Derek Jeter's time here, seeing the name on the board in tiny lights that make up a name, though at the time I can't say I ever said, Oh boy he's going to be a great Yankee.

We made some happy mistakes or changes of mind that led us to some of the many, many nice homes here that have been preserved, and taking us over the tracks that run along Church Street near Hendrix. Really, having lived in cookie cutter lego land where there are some nice new homes that are great in their way, I have to say one thing I love about Greensboro is the variety of homes, lots, colors, materials and ornamentation among the homes of every level of affluence, and especially that many small homes still exist along with larger ones.

Elizabeth was especially patient as I photographed and observed with awe the side of the Jefferson Pilot building facing Elm Street (Jefferson has recently been bought out by Lincoln it seems, oddly enough) which I had never properly observed, almost always been down there on that street in a car. (I had been other placed at street festivals, but perhaps not exactly there.)

I hope to have photos from the day before too awfully long, and we'll see how that integrates into the rest of the site. For now, let me say this has been very pleasant both times, and we ate at Natty Greene's afterward on the patio and this seems like an excellent post-skating location for summer.

If we can get enough to go, I'm all for trying a one-hour inaugural Tuesday night downtown skate. Here's the route for the second skate...looking in hybrid mode I can see some errors in our skating around the parking lot to try to peer into the old park, but mostly this is how it went.


The first route was:





eebee's picture

I particularly liked

I particularly liked skating the footbridge over the railway from the Chestnut St area, to N Church St. (between markers 4 & 5 on the map).

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