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Shani Davis Shows How to Skate: Full Extension, Heel Push

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Check out this article on Shani Davis, who was amazing last year in the World Cup season (indoor long track) and has taken three of four individual events in his specialties this year already. The news may be aimed at the X vs. Y junk (now that elections are mostly over) between Davis and Hedrick, who joined with Trevor Marsicano to place 2nd in the team pursuit, but the most important part may be the photo (apparently from the 2006 Olys, eh?).

I don't even know if my physique is capable of this without major alterations, but I can dream, and this photo helps me dream. It's not video, but I can feel the calm precision in this stroke, and there's proof that he at least can get full extension with a flat or heel push, and use gravity and aerodynamics with grace.



Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times. Please visit the article site...


Shani Davis Shows How to Skate a Turn


52° 57' 23.5044" N, 5° 55' 34.3884" E


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so smoooooth

The extra long distances in speed skating really show the technique. It has such a graceful and precise rhythm.....a real thing of beauty and certainly something to work on and strive for. Just one question though....... where's his hockey stick? ;-)

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