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Shani Davis Tops US World Cup Speed Skaters. Inliners Jennifer Rodriguez, Heather Richardson, Chad Hedrick Skating Well.

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Here are a couple of articles in advance of the World Cup this weekend (Friday and Saturday, free admission!).

Americans Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick are among the other top skaters who will compete in the final meet of the World Cup season, aiming to secure season titles -- Davis leads the circuit at both 1,000 and 1,500 meters -- and enjoy a springboard into the World Single Distance Championships next weekend in Vancouver as well as the upcoming Olympic year.  [sltrib.com]

Jenniefer Rodriquez has been doing very well in some meets this year...

Her victory in the 1,000 at a World Cup race in Nagano, Japan, about three months ago seemed to illustrate her progress, too. Her winning time of 1 minute, 16.34 seconds was only a few tenths off the winning time at that distance at the 2006 Turin Olympics... [sltrib.com]

What else are you gonna do with life breaks apart a bit? GO SKATE!

Now 32 years old and divorced, the two-time bronze medalist at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics is working on a comeback -- unexpectedly inspired by a casual trip to an ice rink -- that she hopes will deliver her to her fourth Olympics in Vancouver less than a year from now.

Local skater, Heather Richardson, will also be on the ice, and she has been doing much better than would normally be expected in the short time she's been on the team and on the ice, as I understand it. Imagine going from Inline rinks to the World Cup Long Track Stadiums! Yowee! You and the clock and a perfect oval of ice, with one competitor you are not likely to need to jostle with. Awesome.

It's big time and the best chance we've had in a while to see such a great field of skaters. I really would love to be there for this one. The USA men are particularly strong this year.

The host United States will be represented by 11 athletes at the Speed Skating World Cup finals. More than 150 skaters from 17 countries are competing at the 2002 Olympic arena for individual titles in 10 long-track events. [voanews.com]

But the hero for the USA is likely to be Shani Davis, with strong support from Tucker Fredricks and 19-year-old, Trevor Marsicano.

Olympic gold medalist and 2009 World Sprint Champion Shani Davis, Olympic veteran Tucker Fredricks, and newcomer Trevor Marsicano are in solid contention to win a gold medal, while two-time Olympic medalist Jennifer Rodriguez and three-time national champion Elli Ochowicz pose the biggest threat to the top of the women's field. [voanews.com]

Speaking of inliners, Chad Hedrick, gold medalist in the 5000m, will also skate the 1500m. 

Racing begins at 12:30 on Friday and Saturday with the following schedule:
Friday, 6 March 500m Men
1000m Ladies
1500m Men
3000m Ladies

Saturday, 7 March 500m Ladies
1000m Men
1500m Ladies
5000m Men
100m Ladies
100m Men




Veteran speed skater hopes World Cup finale can fuel comeback - Salt Lake Tribune -

Veteran speed skater hopes World Cup finale can fuel comeback
Salt Lake Tribune, United States
By Michael C. Lewis When speed skater Jennifer Rodriguez labored home far off the winning pace in her final race at the 2006 Turin Olympics, she had no intention of ever returning to her sport. She took off her skates and retired home to Miami, ...
Olympic Champion Shani Davis Leads US Speed Skaters in World Cup ... Voice of America
all 3 news articles
[Speedskating & Speedskaters] Olympic Champion Shani Davis Leads US Speed Skaters in World Cup ... - Voice of America -

Olympic Champion Shani Davis Leads US Speed Skaters in World Cup ...
Voice of America
By Teresa Sullivan The International Skating Union's Speed Skating World Cup finals are Friday and Saturday in Salt Lake City, Utah, with Olympic champion Shani Davis of the United States at the top of the standings in two events. ...
[Speedskating & Speedskaters]


Kearns, Utah
United States
40° 39' 9.9036" N, 112° 0' 21.6612" W


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Good start for Shani

Gold medal and world record in the 1500m, not bad...
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Funny! I thought I'd be First to Post but Hours Later...

I was still writing and looking for streams and such. Thanks for posting in case I hadn't seen it in the right sidebar news section. Did you see any of it? I've been watching the earlier meets on the notebook via universal sports. Good stuff. The Overall was good. I've seen most between bouts of sleep. There's a 500m with Chad Hedrick and if you just watch the first 100m it is an awesome thing to observe. Maybe more notes later. Good stuff indeed. Next year I need to follow this more closely. I looked over it early in the season but didn't find the video. If we have video, even online, even full broadcasts later, OK. I'll follow it.

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