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Short-Track Championship Photos: Salt Lake, UT

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Here's a quick link to some short track photos!

Short-Track Championships: Home-grown skater finds love in sport he once hated - Salt Lake Tribune -

Short-Track Championships: Home-grown skater finds love in sport he once hated
Salt Lake Tribune
Kearns • Adam Callister remembers vividly the first time his mother dragged him to a speedskating practice, not long after the 2002 Salt ...

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Short Track = Too Cool

What an exciting sport, making for nervous moments in every race.  And dangerous too, there was a clip of a young kid that had his thigh sliced WIDE open by a 13 inch scalpel of a skate blade.  He might have bled to death on the ice if it weren't for a very quick thinking person or two.

If you've never tried inline skating on a track in a "short track" position, give it a whirl......hunched over at the waist, keeping your torso parallel to the ground and slowly crossing over in the turns trying to accelerate out of them.  One lap and your quads will be screaming.

These short track skaters are amazing.

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Short skaters?

You make a great point about skating really low & doing crossovers. Whenever I do endless .33 mile laps around the local football field (the lovely flat paved loop around the football field fence), I usually end up spacing out and rekkin' it to follow the path of least resistance. But this only gives me a slightly aerobic workout. Whenever I remember to skate a little lower, I get so much more out of it and am usually exhausted by .66 of a mile, if I even last that long! 

I was wondering how tall people fare at short-track, and googled tallest-short-track-skater. Shani Davis showed up at 6 ft 2! Well that blows all my excuses out of the water. Wikipedia mentions his first name as a Swahili word which translates into English as a mixture between 'light' and 'weight'.  English has such a massive vocabulary - it makes my heart jump whenever I hear foreign words with no direct English equivalent. It's a peace time reason to adopt the word in question. 

I tried to find out more about this translation and landed on a charitable organization's Swahili site. Check out their Swahili Wall Clock! Might have to get one, even though it wouldn't make much sense in these latitudes, but who cares?

The online Swahili dictionaries I have just checked, all translate "Shani" into something completely different. These are the words that seem to come up consistently though:

Shani: Curiosity, Adventure, Accident. 

Well let's hope Shani continues to avoid accidents. 

Talking of accidents, I did see that video clip of JR Celski's leg-slice. Glad he's ok!



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