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Silver Comet Skate/Ride on Memorial Day 2007

From: Huston Sent: Monday, May 21, 2007 3:12:02 PM Dave/Barry, thanks for the update. I was going to check out the road section on the Covenant Christian Century on Sat., but a big dog rudely jumped in front of me before I got there. I had no choice but to hit him, which propelled me over the handlebars & onto the pavement. So I spent the rest of the day at Floyd General being treated for a broken collarbone & rib. So no skating, cycling or dancing for me. So, I'm entertaining offers for my registration. Huston

On May 20, 2007, at 10:05 PM, Barry H wrote: BTW, I biked on the Cedartown to Alabama section of the Silver Comet Trail today. At the state line, I talked to a deputy sheriff who said that although the Chief Ladiga Trail (the Alabama continuation of the SCT past the state line) is not open yet, that it currently goes about 5-6 miles past the state line. The whole Chief Ladiga is expected to be completed this year. Anybody wanna skate 100 (miles)? :-)Barry

From: David L on Sunday, May 20, 2007 12:19:30 PM A few weeks ago, I made a drive out that way to see how far out the Trail went. I went down on Grady Rd and partway down Coolings Rd. I would have to agree that they are skateable. The traffic was non-existent, but the road is narrow with a grass shoulder. The only difficulty I could see is that the roads around the 278 bypass became a bit rough, and that area is currently under reconstruction. The 278 bypass is being widened and repaved, with a bridge to be eventually built with the Trail going underneath it. The trail travels between Woodall Rd. and the 278 bypass, but stops short about 300', and the remaining trail is just bulldozed trail. There are a couple of sections is Cedartown, where there are deep dips where the road meets the trail. David L

Huston wrote: Anyone interested in skating the Brushy Mountain Tunnel Trip (48 miles), starts 8:45 a.m. on this ride? Nice warm-up for A2A & raises money to complete the trail. It's nearly all Silver Comet from Cedartown to Brushy Mountain Tunnel & back. There's only 6 mi. ea. way on the roads. Trail Express says they are skateable


I've biked roads out there on Labor Day & surfaces were good & hills were manageable. Good rest stops. There's also a 20 mi. Bama & Back all Silver Comet ride.Price is $25 until Sat. 5/19, $30 after. Go to


for info/registration. Huston


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Thanks for the Silver Comet Trail Info

Welcome to RSN2. Thanks for posting. I've read your posts over on the APRR list and hope you'll share some of your knowledge with us here, too.

I hope you and the dog are OK, and I understand you weren't able to check on the pupster while in a fog yourself and seeking medical care.

Thanks for the great info on the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Trail. I can't wait until we can try some skatepacking or something when it's all ready.

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Sorry to hear about your crash!

I'm so sorry to hear about you crash & broken bones. I'm glad you had someone with you to make sure you got the proper care you needed. And let's hear it once again for helmets!


Thanks for posting the Silver Comet Trail updates. It'll be truly something when an even longer stretch than 38 miles (Atlanta-side) is ready.


Speedy healing to you. 

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