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Sk8u.com Skate University Share Instruction and Coaching Tips

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This is sk8u.com and it stands for Skate University. No we're not claiming to be a real university or anything like that, but we do love skating, and you can contribute to the world's knowledge, certified or not, official or not, about skating instruction for private lessons, group lessons, or as part of coaching individuals or teams, indoor or out, any kind of skating.

If there's not a category here for you, we'll make one. Let's stop focusing totally inward to the few people we know, and give back to the sport by giving to the millions who want to know more! Even if you teach skating for a living, or especially if you do, contributing to sk8u.com is a great way to show your knowledge and skill to the world and increase the value of your lessons.

More importantly, the world can find you if you contribute here! If your town is not in our Places tag list, just email me and I'll add it. Remember, this is for non-commercial postings, but it is appropriate to let people know where you are and what you do and how to reach you, just not excessively, please. Current tradition is not to have sigs on postings. Members can reach you through the contact form. Suggestions are welcome under create/site feedback.

If you would like to share skating by teaching or coaching but you need help so you don't make it dangerous or harmful for the students, PLEASE ask questions and contribute here. And of course highly technical questions on advanced skating topics are welcome here too.

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