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Skate Bunnies Converge on Greensboro NC for Easter 2007

roadskater's picture

Hi to roadskaters, inline skaters, rollerbladers, all o'y'all, everywhere.

We here in North Carolina need your help with something that might be helpful to you as well.

We are scheduled to have Eddy Matzger here on Easter weekend, April 6-8. Most of you know how great a teacher Eddy is and that it is a great way to kick start (to the side, not back) your inline skating season in the beautiful south's warm springtime glow.

We don't want to take anything away from your club's events, of course, and if Eddy is coming to your town and you can make that date, please do that!

But we need your help making our minimum for the workshop or at least getting enough folk so it's fair to Eddy to drive down from the SkateFarm to hang with us. We're pretty close and feel that we'll make it, but you could help us be sure by signing up for the "RoadShow" inline speed workshop in Greensboro NC April 6-8.

If you would like to:

  • be part of a smaller-sized group with a great chance at more personalized attention,
  • get started with serious fun skating early in the season, and maybe even
  • get away from all those people who know you watching as you learn,

...give the Greensboro NC session a shot!

If you need it, we'll try to help you find free floorspace or even a bed, will do our best to help with transport, and anything we can if you let us know ahead of time what you need. Aside from that, Greensboro's hotels are VERY inexpensive (the area near I-40 and NC-68 is safe and inexpensive, especially at the clean and safe motel6.com), our GSO airport is a dreamland of convenience, and weekend car rates are very low as well. The savings in time and travel make flying into Greensboro the best choice in my opinion, though you can try RDU and Charlotte but could get stuck in some Friday afternoon traffic.

How else are you going to spend 20 hours focusing on skating in one weekend? It's hard to do any other way, and you can't help doing that at Eddy's weekend of skatefulness.

The biggest draw of course is Eddy himself, and his great way of seeing what someone needs and can achieve at a given point, and helping them get there, with a few things to work on for the next year. Many people have increased their speed and endurance greatly after Eddy's workshops, and many others who were not focused so much on speed have kept in touch with their love of skating through these rejuvenating weekends.

You don't have to be a speedskater to get lots from the workshop.

Eddy works with you in person on your level even as he leads the group in many drills and skills over the weekend.

So come and spend Easter with the skate bunnies down south, and bring your family along to enjoy the warm blossoming of North Carolina in the springtime.

While you're skating, your family can enjoy great golf courses, plenty of shopping with less traffic, the Guilford Battleground National Military Park historic site, old-style Country Park without the ping of aluminum bats, the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, Old Salem in Winston-Salem, and lots more quiet fun with sweet tea and sunshine.

If there's anything I can do to help you decide to do this, please let me know! For more info on the RoadShow, please see:


To see Eddy's schedule, please see:


To register or for info on costs, please see:


Here's a tip. Join as a member of the Roadskater.net team (or get together a group of your own) to receive a discount if we have enough on the team there (we should). Email me for details about joining our team. It's free and the goal is simply to skate for charity and to represent your sport with skateylove.

Skateylove, Blake

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