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Skate-Dream Interpretation?

eebee's picture

Warning: silly post!


I had a GREAT dream last night. I dreamed I was was skating in the US10k Classic in the lead women's pack, about 6th position with about 1.5 miles to go. I was hanging back, finding it pretty easy going in the draft and was frustrated that these women were deliberately going slowly so they could blast it at the end (like they often do in the Tour de France). Then a men's fast pack blew by us, and I decided "Oh I don't care if it's too far from the finish for me to conceivably win in a sprint, I'm just gonna go now because that men's pack looks like more fun...". So I stepped out of line and started hammering up the hill when the two skinny blonde gals in the front, who were wearing some kind of Stars and Stripes uniforms, started freaking out and picked up the speed. At that point in the dream I realized "Oops! I haven't skated since A2A", and found I had zero power in my quads. I ended up finishing 4th overall women (this is a dream, remember?!), and was well chuffed with myself for finishing so well. After finishing I saw that there were actually only 7 women competing in the whole race, so it wasn't that great an accomplishment after all (like getting 3rd in my age group at A2A!!!).


Atlanta's talented skater Cindy Spalding congratulated me, then she turned into Sarah Jessica Parker.


It felt good to be skating again, even if only in my dreams. Maybe it's time to get back out there again!




The Big Chicken
12 Cobb Pkwy NE
Marietta, Georgia 30062
United States
33° 57' 4.3092" N, 84° 31' 14.7252" W


eebee's picture

Might I add...

...that I have never been in any lead pack of anything in my life, so that's what made this dream so remarkable. And I can't say I read all those race reports whilst drooling with envy onto my keyboard, either. I have absolutely no racing experience whatsoever, unless you count mock-slow-motion or 3-laps-around-the-parking-lot races at Eddy workshops.
roadskater's picture

Cross-Gender Drafting at US10K Classic

Hey congratulations on a great dream! Thanks for sharing that one.

Yes it's great to skate, even in one's dreams. I feel that soon the time off will have been enough and the pavement will call again. 

I guess you were inspired by the guys' pack but didn't actually get in the pack, as that'd be taboo at US10K...if you want your results to count for placement, ha! I remember us skating together but not able to single file it. It was still fun of course, but short distances are definitely a different kind of pain, and not my favorite, unless well trained for it.

I tweaked the map a bit to make it near the spot of which you speak, the famous Marietta Kentucky Fried Chicken Big Chicken at the peak (beak?) of the last hill before the sweeping downhill finish. Zoom in far enough you can actually see the chicken's head and beak.

Here are a couple of links:





eebee's picture

the Big Chicken is a Place on Google Maps!

That's absolutely hilarious! I remember in the 90s when they threatened to have the Big Chicken torn down, and the uproar it caused. I was having trouble trying to see the head and beak in the google map. You can't tell from the aerial view of course, but it's at the top of a big hill, so you get plenty of time to stare at it on the US10K Classic. Welcome to Georgia, where big, ugly commercials are famous landmarks! You're correct about the no-cross-drafting rule on the US10K Classic. In my dream I didn't join the men's pack, but I wanted to step out of my own pack after seeing them skate all-out, unlike the sandbaggers were doing in the women's group. Of course the irony of it is, that as soon as you step out of the pack, the wind hits you full on and you end up going harder, but not faster.

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