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Skate for LIfe Fundraiser for Josh Zalunardo, Brain Stem Glioma

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2008.04.28 6:30 pm
2008.04.28 8:00 pm

I received an email today from Stacey White, part of GT speed team, who is sponsoring the Marathon through the gardens in GA next month. They are involved in a fundraiser to help out Joshua Zalunardo, who was diagnosed with Brain Stem Glioma, a life threatening for of cancer. I know a lot of people on this site support many worthwhile causes and thought I would pass this on. Our money and time goes to help someone and we get to have fun doing it.

I have pasted the contents of her email with all the pertinant info...

Joshua Zalunardo

April 28th, 2008
4817 Milgen Road
Columbus, GA
6:30pm - 8:00pm
Cost: $5 per skater
Sponsored by : GT Speed Skating Team / KPCC Vision Youth Group/JAM Skate Center

*Additional Donations for the Joshua Fund can be sent by mail:
Joshua Fund
P.O. Box 1092
Pine Mountain, GA 31822
or by Pay Pal at www.prayforjoshua.com
or dropped by any Wachovia Bank labeled 'Joshua Fund'

For more information you can reach
Stacey White by email staceywhite@aol.com or by calling 706.289.5574 / 706.628.7420
If no answer, please leave a message and your call will be returned.

To know him is to love him…

Joshua James Zalunardo... a name that brings an array of emotion and a sense of awe to those whom this life has touched. Born September 15, 1992, Josh turned 15 this past September 2007... just 3 months after being diagnosed with a life threatening form of cancer called Brain Stem Glioma. Joshua, whose name means ‘to be strong and bold’ has met the challenges of his life with incredible faith, courage, and will to survive. Josh made his first step of faith to accept Christ into his life as a child, and followed this decision publicly in Baptism. Joshua’s spirit exemplifies the Spirit of Christ throughout this walk that requires the deepest faith of his heart.

Fall of 2007, Josh was anticipating his freshman year at Harris County High School. His achievements to that point demonstrated dedication, talent, and a Godly influence in the world around him. Josh’s dedication and walk with God would become important as people all around the world would be touched by his trust in God to fight the intricate fight that was placed before him.

Joshua’s gift to life prior to his diagnosis brought him such recognition as “Citizen of the Year” at Park Elementary School where he was a student. During the past 3 years of his life in Junior High at Harris County Carver Middle School, Josh’s dedication to his studies earned him recognition on the A-B Honor Roll. His gift to ministry was to help as a Student Leader in youth ministry at KPCC. His bedroom overflows with trophies and awards, giving memento and physical beauty to his many achievements in sports such as baseball, all-star teams, football and soccer. In spring of 2007 Josh finished his soccer season as MVP.

Joshua has a passion for hunting and fishing. He hunts for deer and duck when the season arrives. He loves the outdoors, and thrives in nature. He loves to ski.

Those who know Joshua best, know that he brings laughter and challenge to any situation. His competitive spirit is known to even the distant onlooker, and Joshua’s determination always keeps him striving to reach his goals. Josh’s sense of humor remains strong in the face of his adversity. His ability to outwit his brother Caleb still remains a challenge he pursues daily, while he still flaunts admiration for Victoria by calling her names as a challenge of wit! Gino describes Josh as amazing, a champion! Diedere describes his spirit as meek. Josh’s inspiration has reached across barriers of age, gender, religion, race, and universal boundaries. His life is telling a story of God’s process of healing and protection. May his story inspires you to walk with Christ, as you follow the healing hand of God in Joshua’s life. Now do you love him??

written by Ursula Wright

We look forward to sharing a very special evening with you. If you can not make this event, you can sponsor a Speed Skater to skate laps for Joshua or skate laps for someone that you know that has been affected by cancer. Contact Stacey for more information.



Jam Skate Center
4817 Milgen Road
Columbus, Georgia
United States
32° 30' 59.2272" N, 84° 54' 40.302" W


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Getting the word out

Good job in getting the word out there for this event and this condition. This event will probably show up for a while in Google at least.

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