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Skate Weights

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Jack was planning to bring his scale to Country Park but forgot it. So last night I weighed my skates on my postal scale. 2 lb 10 oz (1.19 kg according to Google) apiece, all included: Hyper Hy-Velocity boot, Mogema M55 frame, 5 80mm Explore Elite wheels. Anyone else?



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Miller Low Cuts, 5 X 80 mm

Miller Low Cuts, 5 X 80 mm frame, Hyper 80 mm Bank Robbers (worn to approx 78mm),

 608 Steel Bearings: 2 lbs 8 1/2 oz


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Skate Weights

Good data! Also fwiw mine are US size 10.5. (Which, oddly enough, is labeled as Euro 42.5, and is apparently the same for Verducci boots. All my Reebok sneakers are also US 10.5 but are Euro 44. I don't get that at all!)


Btw, here's a good page at Swat Skates with weights of verious skate components. Using "Harper Champion" for the boot gives pretty much right on 1.2 kg for mine.

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