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SkateDC Weekend 2006 Photos Washington DC

roadskater's picture

I have just published 420 edited photos from the SkateDC Weekend, May 6-7 2006 to this address:


If you have any comments, please use "add new comment" below to place them here. I hope you enjoy the photos. There are lots of tourist shots because I'm a tourist, and I hope you like the shots of buildings, birds and people!




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When was the DC skate?

This was one I didn't hear about.... I would have liked that!!! My Sister lives in DC!!!


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Check the www.skatedc.org website for the next Skate DC weekend. It used to be on Memorial Day weekend each year, but they had it on my birthday weekend this year (May 5, 6 & 7). This was my first year at this event and I absolutely loved it.  

They haven't set a date for it yet, and they may not finalize a date until a month or so ahead of time. Having a sister there sure is convenient! She skates, I hope?! Drag her out, too!


eebee's picture

Jubran's Feelin' Groovy

Well on this particularly nasty Friday the 13th (even though I don't believe in that load of codswallop), I enjoyed the DC photos. These in particular...


http://roadskater.net/wdc2006/13623.htm Jubran and the 59th Street Bridge Song


http://www.roadskater.net/wdc2006/13835.htm Dave & Co


http://www.roadskater.net/wdc2006/13745.htm  Carl, Jay, (?) and Loud Greg


http://www.roadskater.net/wdc2006/13793.htm Hey! Birdpoop head!


http://www.roadskater.net/wdc2006/13481.htm spooky!


http://www.roadskater.net/wdc2006/13561.htm The world's first bell-bottom legs


http://roadskater.net/wdc2006/13612.htm Dizzy Jack.

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