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Skates for little people

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Does anyone have any experience with buying skates for kids? My friends daughter is 4 (just) and a Y8. All the rec skates that I can find start at Y13. I found some smaller hockey skates but am not sure how comfy they will be (or eay to get on and off) and am afraid that she may grow out of them too quickly (as opposed to adjustable rollerblades for example). I think I have seen littler kids on indoor speed teams, where do they get there skates?

Any thoughts? She is super excited to skate becuase she has been being pushed in a jogging stroller for the last 4 years!


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Maybe I can add a kids section to skatebay

Hi... Thanks for your many contributions early in this adventure! I looked about a bit using my site http://skatebay.com as a click-through point but didn't spend much time. I also did a quick internet search to no avail yet, but admit this was not thorough. I'd be interested in hearing more if you find out something. I'd be happy to add a kids' skates search section to skatebay that might get rotated into the bottoms of pages here. I plan to make the skatebay content below rotate among categories so it isn't the same every page refresh. I'm open to suggestions for more categories on that. Good luck with your search. Blake

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