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SkateStrong inline skating rollerblading workshop Saturday March 20th Raleigh, NC

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2010.02.21 12:00 pm

UPDATE:  The workshop is now risk free!  Take the workshop, and pay what you think it was worth afterward.  Details below...

It's that time of year again!  Time to dust off the skates and start the skating season!

Get the season started right with a one-day workshop that will improve your skating technique, allowing you to skate further and/or faster while using less energy!

I'm teaching this workshop as part of my fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis Society, so all proceeds go towards MS research and helping people suffering from MS.  So the little bit of money I'm charging for the workshop goes to a really good cause.


I'm experimenting, and offering the workshop completely RISK FREE.  Don't pay any registration fee up front.  Instead, take the workshop and decide afterward how much it was worth to you, and donate that to MS Society.

You can find more information about the workshop here:


Note that this workshop is not meant to compete with the Eddy Matzger workshop coming up in April.  If anything, it is meant to supplement it.  We'll be covering some of the some drills in my workshop that you'll see in Eddy's.  So this will be a great "warm up" for Eddy's workshop, which is why I've purposely scheduled it a few weeks before Eddy's workshop.  If you're only able to attend one or the other, I'd recommend Eddy's -- it's awesome.

If you have any questions about the workshop content or the intended audience, please feel free to ask.  The workshop is open to anyone that wants to skate better.  You should be relatively comfortable on your skates though.  (It's not intended for people that do not know how to skate at all.)

And, like in previous years, I'm offering a discounts to anyone that signs up for Tour to Tanglewood.  People can get further discounts by recruiting others to sign up for TTT.  Details are on the website.


- SM -


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SkateStrong skating workshop is now RISK FREE!


I am trying something new this year, and have made the workshop risk free.  That is, you don't need to pay anything up front.  Instead, take the workshop and decide afterward how much it was worth to you.  I think $80 for an entire day's worth of instruction is very reasonable.  But now you get to decide what it's worth to you, and make an appropriate donation to MS Society.

I'm hoping this will increase participation, since some people may not know whether the workshop is right for them or not.  This will allow them to attend without having to pay anything beforehand.  Remember that all the money goes to MS Society anyway, so it's a very worthy cause...


- SM -

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So How Did Skatestrong Go This Weekend?

I'm eager for details (the ones you can share) about the skatestrong.com skating workshop. I was otherwise occupied far away (more on this later perhaps) but was thinking of you guys on a sunny Saturday where I didn't get to make it out there on the wheels. It'll happen but those ideas of being in shape before the skatefarm.com Eddy Matzger workshop Apr 9-11, 2010 are a joke now (OK they were always a joke and you don't have to be in shape to do the workshop, though I seem to recall it was a bit easier to keep going the whole weekend if in shape, ha).

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