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SkateStrong Inline Skating / Rollerblading Workshop: Saturday, March 28th in Raleigh, NC

skatey-mark's picture
2009.03.28 9:00 am
2009.03.28 5:00 pm
The date for the next SkateStrong workshop has been decided, and it is:  Saturday, March 28th. Information on workshop can be found at:  http://www.skatestrong.com/

For those that don't know, the workshop is a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis Society -- 100% of the money goes to MS Society. It's for all levels, beginner to advanced. The content will vary a bit depending on who actually attends. (I'll tailor the workshop to fit the skill levels of the attendees...) But basically we'll go over classic skating technique and do some drills to make you a more efficient skater. The more efficient you are, the faster and further you'll be able to go with the same amount (or less) effort!

There's a discount for signing up early. And there's an additional discount if you sign up for Tour to Tanglewood on the Roadskater.net team. (Details are on the skatestrong.com website.)

A workshop is a great way to kick off the skating season... You'll have fun have, improve your skating, and help out a great cause all at the same time... It' win-win!!

Hope to see you there!

- SM -


Colonade II Office Park
8510 Colonnade Center Dr.
Raleigh, North Carolina 27615
United States
35° 53' 48.5304" N, 78° 38' 57.2064" W


roadskater's picture

All We Are Saying Is Give Skatestrong a Chance

Hey I just want to say to anyone from anywhere that this is a great opportunity to get your skates on with other skaters at various levels and share the love of skating. Mark has the passion and skills to help you get to the next level if you want to, or get back to a previous level lost over the winter, for that matter. If you can be there, please join in the fun, work and fellowship of roadskaters getting ready to roll. Congrats to Mark for having the vision and for making this happen.
skatey-mark's picture

workshop postponed - new date TBA

Weather looks pretty bad for Saturday, so the workshop is going to be rescheduled. I haven't picked a new date yet, but I will announce it as soon as I have one. - SM -

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