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SkateStrong Inline Skating / Rollerblading Workshop: Sunday, May 17th in Raleigh, NC

skatey-mark's picture
2009.05.17 8:00 am
2009.05.17 5:00 pm

The date for the next SkateStrong workshop has been decided, and it is:  Sunday, May 17thInformation on workshop can be found at:  http://www.skatestrong.com/

For those that don't know, the workshop is a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis Society -- 100% of the money goes to MS Society. It's for all levels, beginner to advanced. The content will vary a bit depending on who actually attends. (I'll tailor the workshop to fit the skill levels of the attendees...) But basically we'll go over classic skating technique and do some drills to make you a more efficient skater. The more efficient you are, the faster and further you'll be able to go with the same amount (or less) effort!

There's a discount for signing up early. And there's an additional discount if you sign up for Tour to Tanglewood on the Roadskater.net team. (Details are on the skatestrong.com website.)

A workshop is a great way to kick off the skating season... You'll have fun have, improve your skating, and help out a great cause all at the same time... It' win-win!!

Hope to see you there!

- SM -


Colonade II Office Park
8510 Colonnade Center Dr.
Raleigh, North Carolina 27615
United States
35° 53' 48.5304" N, 78° 38' 57.2064" W


roadskater's picture

Who Went to Skatestrong and How Was It?

After Tour de Lions' 44-miler, it was clear our optimism was unfounded and the next day would not be a day for workshopping with awesome SkateyMark at Skatestrong. I think JonathanS was going and I'm not sure who else made it, but I'm interested in hearing from Mark and others how it went, what you learned, and lots more. Hope it went great. We had to go buy 8 tires for our 2 cars as we were in danger of slipping off the edge of the Earth on the next wet drive down I-85. Fun fun fun. Hope y'all had more fun than us!
skatey-mark's picture

The workshop was great!

The workshop turned out really well, even better than I expected. The location was perfect! I chose the office park for a few reasons: 1) It's relatively new, and hardly any tenants in it... Not a huge deal on the weekend anyway, but helps. The asphalt was in really good shape too. 2) At least 4 or 5 parking decks right across the street, in case of rain. 3) Other suitable office parks nearby, just in case we get kicked out. So with the weather looking ominous for Sunday, I got up early and scoped out which parking deck would be best. A few years ago, when Barry Publow taught a workshop in Raleigh, we had to move to a parking deck, and the one we chose wasn't that great. But this time was different, I found an awesome deck -- smooth cement, relatively flat... And we could actually go in a whole, flat loop around it. So it was great for doing all the drills. So, despite the rain, we were able to do everything that we would have done outdoors. Everyone that showed up was great too... We started out with 6 people. Two didn't realize the workshop was an all-day event. So after lunch, we were down to 4 people. But we covered a lot of material before lunch, so I think the two that left early still got a lot out of it. We covered many of the "standard" workshop drills. Anyone that's been to Eddy's or Barry's workshops will have recognized many of them. We started out with dryland drills, then broke down classic technique into its component parts. After lunch, we finished up classic technique, then I filmed everyone skating. We had plenty of time left, so we did some underpush drills, and some other drills to help develop the double-push. There's not really enough time in a one-day workshop to cover everything needed to get to the double-push, but I wanted to at least give everyone an introduction to some of the things they'll see in an Eddy workshop, for example. We ended the day with some pack skating, covering information on how to move through the pack, how to rotate, and the differences between cooperative packs and competitive packs. Finally, we took off our skates and looked at the video from earlier. This was my first attempt at filming skaters, and it showed. :-) I was able to keep people in frame just long enough to do some video analysis though. I think video analysis is a great tool, and we were able to identify a few things for each skater to work on to improve their technique. So it was a great day... I had a blast teaching people that were obviously eager to learn, and I think they had fun as well. Most importantly, the workshop raised $370 for MS Society! So everyone should feel really good about that! Thanks for everyone that attended! I look forward to teaching the next one! - SM -
roadskater's picture

Skatestrong Rocks and Rolls On Again

Thanks for the wrap-up, SkateyMark. As eebee and I recovered from the previous day's challenges, we spoke often of you and your attendees, hoping all was going great. You're right that raising money for those who can't do what we do is one of our main goals (along with representing roadskating to others, especially cyclists, as a viable, safe, practical, fun alternative to roadcycling and couchsurfing). Congratulations and thank you on behalf of those with Multiple Sclerosis who will benefit directly from the funds you raised and your attendees donated. I hope we'll have some new roadskaters at Tour to Tanglewood this year, and of course, let me hasten to add that our team is often half cyclists now, and cyclists are encouraged. And if you don't join our team, please do join another, or do the event solo. It is a great day with over a thousand people who have raised money for MS, and now are out to have a nice couple of days on the road and an afternoon and evening in the park. It's exciting to see your Skatestrong workshops grow, and I know your students benefitted greatly from the work they put in, the fun they had, and the video they saw of themselves. As ever, we were overoptimistic as to how we'd feel after a warm four or five hours in the sun, along with the travel involved (more for eebee) and some blisters picked up along the way. Lame excuses, but that's all I have! I'll be glad to hear more from you or from others on specifics, things that popped to mind, revelations, lunch (always a favorite topic for me), and anything else. Thanks again for all you do for people with Multiple Sclerosis, and for giving us the honor of doing that with the Roadskater.net team. Hope the orange jersey is as lucky this year as last!
JonathanS's picture

A great time

I thought the workshop went great. I now have a whole summer of stuff to work on. I feel like a beginner again, just focusing on form, not pushing to hard and trying not to pay attention to distance or times. I find myself going down the road saying, "fall, push, fall, push, fall push, whoops knees together, fall, push, fall push" and my muscles are telling me something different is working. So thanks Mark for all the good info and the example to aspire to.
roadskater's picture

Workshops Refocus

Yes, that's what's great about workshops, also time off from skating. Both help you approach it afresh, or revisit it with fresh mind and muscles. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and hopefully you can tell us more about what's working and what it feels like as time goes on. I think this will be a season of great gains for you and look forward to seeing the results on the road (or at the finish line).

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