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Skatestrong Inline Skating Workshop for Multiple Sclerosis, Cary, NC, Mar 29, 2008

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2008.03.29 9:00 am
2008.03.29 5:54 pm
Skatey-Mark brings his skills and encouragement to bear as he teaches another one-day SkateStrong skating workshop for MS in Raleigh on March 29....The event is to raise funds for people with Multiple Sclerosis as part of Mark's effort on the Roadskater.net team for the Tour to Tanglewood. (This is the 10th in a row Tour to Tanglewood for skaters!) Mark's one day workshop gets you ready for the weekend-long Eddy Matzger Roadshow Inline Speed Workshop in Greensboro in April...two days and nights full of skating talk and action. Skaters of any level are welcome, as Mark makes it all simple for newbies and fresh for experienced roadskaters too. You pack up after a day of skating having learned what you need to work on, how much you've lost or kept over the winter, and a lot more. Spring is the time to renew your vows to roadskating! Check out Skatestrong.com or ask for details here! This is a great chance at a full day of skateylove and sweat to benefit those who can't enjoy what we do. You go Skatey-Mark! Thank you for your sweat-charity.


Reedy Creek Elementary School
940 Reedy Creek Rd
Cary, North Carolina
United States
35° 48' 43.8156" N, 78° 46' 15.6648" W


skatey-mark's picture

skatestrong.com is down right now

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone! The computer I run my web server on is sick right now, waiting for its replacement power supply to arrive. It should be back online in a few days. I'll announce here when it's back up. In the meantime, here are the basic details... To attend the workshop, just make a donation to MS Society on my page. Through March 15th, the "early bird" registration "fee" (donation) is $60. After March 15th, it goes up to $80... So register early! The workshop is open to all levels, although I specifically target beginners for this workshop. That said, I'll adjust the content based on who signs up, so there will be something for everyone. Space is limited to 15 people... If there's enough demand, I'll schedule a second date or get an assistant to accommodate more people. Here's a link to my TTT donation page: http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/Bike/NCCBikeEvents?px=2167754&... Here's a link to my website, which will hopefully be back online soon: http://www.skatestrong.com/ Thanks for reading! Hope to see you there!! - SM -
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Google Has a Chache of Skatestrong Too

I didn't find it on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, but Google has a recent copy of Skatey-Mark's site for you. Just do a search and look for the "Cached" link.
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skatestrong.com back online

The new power supply came sooner than I expected, and the transplant was a success... The webserver is back up, so go there for more information about the workshop: http://www.skatestrong.com/ Thanks!! - SM -
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Don't Tell Al Gore! Plus 40-Watt Sunshine Time-Travel Machine

Do the lights dim in the house when you spark it on? I'll see if I can find some more incandescents in Greensboro to replace with compact fluorescents to help balance for SkateStrong's Server. Only one incandescent will remain...the one in the crane lamp near my bed. I can lie there on a grey no skate day with my eyes closed and that 40-watt yellow sun an inch or two from my face and believe I'm on the sand, with seagulls, with a perfectly blue sky, and drifting, thought-friendly breezes...and why not, I might as well be young and tan and slim too! All that from the 40-watt (soft-white) sunshine time travel machine.

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