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SkateStrong skating / rollerblading workshop date voting - round 2

skatey-mark's picture

Okay, I didn't get many responses for the voting, but the general preference seems to be for one of the earlier weekends...


So, the tentative date is:  Saturday, March 28th.


So...  this round of "voting" is only to "veto" the date.  So if you're truly interesting in attending but can't make March 28th, let me know ASAP so that I can propose an alternate date.  I don't want anyone to miss out because of a scheduling conflict...


Information on the workshop can be found at




Voting ends this Sunday (February 1st)...  Thanks!


- SM - 


roadskater's picture

Skatey-Mark Keeps on Keeping on

You go skatey-mark. Lack of RSVP doesn't mean a lack of interest. It's just a general lack of manners in my case. I admire that you are offering these workshops and think more of us should do it, particularly for the great cause, and also for each other. A workshop is about the only way to focus on form for long without getting distracted or perhaps depressed! Still no word from Eduardo though I heard a rumor he's back in the USA.

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