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SkateStrong skating / rollerblading workshop in Raleigh NC - vote on the date!

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I'll be teaching another skating workshop this year.  I'd like to do it in the spring, a few weeks before the Eddy Matzger workshop in Greensboro. Information about the workshop can be found here:



The options for the workshop dates are:

  • Saturday, March 21st
  • Sunday, March 22nd
  • Saturday, March 28th
  • Sunday, March 29th
  • Saturday, April 4th
  • Sunday, April 5th


If you're thinking about attending, please let me know which dates you prefer by ranking them in order of preference.  If there are dates that you cannot attend, please make a note of those as well.  You can either reply here, or email me.  (There's a link to email me on the website.)

There's no commitment at this point -- I'm just trying figure out which date to schedule the workshop on.  I'll try to come up with a date that accommodates as many people as possible.

Note that this workshop is not meant to replace the upcoming Eddy Matzger workshop in Greensboro!  It will, however, be a good "warm up" for Eddy's workshop.  If you can attend both, that's great!  If you can only attend one, I'd sign up for Eddy's workshop.  Not because mine is bad, but because Eddy's is awesome.  I'm purposely scheduling the SkateStrong workshop a few weeks before Eddy's for the people that are interested in the "warm up" aspect of it.  I'll be showing some of the same drills that Eddy teaches, so you'll probably get even more out of Eddy's workshop if you've seen the drills once already... 


Voting will end Friday, January 9th...  Thanks!

- SM -


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Greensboro Eddy Matzger Inline Skate Workshop to be Rescheduled

Hey Skatey-Mark and thanks for posting. It seems Eddy will need to be in China with the Twin-Cam team unavoidably. It looks like the GSO and ATL dates at least will need to be rearranged. I have not heard back from Eddy other than that this was unavoidable and nothing about us at all, but about being loyal to a very loyal sponsor. Sorry I can't give you a definite date on that. Let's hope we get a weekend this year, but if not, we'll enjoy your workshop even more.
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I hope we get a new date for Eddy's workshop!

I'm so used to my "skating season" starting with an Eddy workshop! It's definitely going to be strange having it postponed until later...Do we know that the new date will be after the original date? (And not before?)I may add the original "Eddy date" as an option for the SkateStrong workshop, and we'll see if that works for people. March has potential to have chilly weather still, where April is almost certainly going to be warm.- SM -
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No Word Back From Eddy Yet

Thanks for asking and keep asking. It might be a safe thing to do to try for that weekend for your workshop indeed. Please remind me to ask Eddy again next week, say, if you think of it. I don't want to bug him but I will need to ask again perhaps to get anything shaking. Thanks for your interest and for your efforts for people with Multiple Sclerosis through your SkateStrong workshops.

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