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Skatey-Mark Takes Second in Montreal 24-Hour Skate Race

roadskater's picture

The word from Dave W last night on the phone was that Mark placed second overall in the Solo division of the 24-Hour skate race in Montréal QC at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Way to go Mark! I can't wait to hear how many miles he logged! Congratulations to the other participants, especially Brian S. Please let us know your stats and experiences, guys!

Mark can be seen on the awesome http://speedskateworld.com site with a ribbon around his neck! Here's a link to the photo page where he's in the final photo...


 For more of Peter's photos, see here...eebee found a photo of Brian and one of Mark, probably from Saturday...I think these are from Sunday...


Here are some individual shots I found (thanks for wearing the jersey!)




Thanks to Peter Doucet for the hard work and for always being nice to Roadskater.net!


skatey-mark's picture

another pic

Here's one taken sometime in the last 2 hours...




I know that because that's when I ditched the sliders and rolled down the shirt.  (I have no memory of the picture being taken...)  I was hurting pretty bad at that point, and anything I could do to make myself more comfortable was crucial.  If the rules didn't require helmets, I would have seriously considered taking it off too...


I'm sitting in the airport now -- I'll be working on the trip report in the airport, on the plane, etc...  So the details are coming soon...


- SM - 

roadskater's picture

Super-Sweet Zipper Rules! Great Photo!

Yo Mark! Awesome photo of the stripped down version of the Roadskater.net jersey hanging on for the finish. It sounds like it was an awesome event and you know I would love to have been able to have been there. I can't wait to hear your mileage total and for more details and photo links from the 24 Hours of putting everything else aside. I imagine you are happily exhausted. Have a safe trip back home.
timv's picture

Hurray for Skatey-Mark

Awesome work! I can't wait to see the result and find out how far you went and all that. Fantastic job, Mark. That's really beyond belief.
skatey-mark's picture

mileage update

I finally uploaded my gps & hrm data.  I only had gps data for the first 13 hours, so I used that to determine the average lap lengths for the short & long routes, then calculated my mileage from that.


There was a little discrepancy between my gps and the distance that the organizers use for each lap.  So depending on what numbers are used for the calculation, I came up with somewhere between 274 and 279 miles.  There was also a warmup lap that I'm not including, so that's another 2.9 miles or so.


Still working on the full report, but I know people were wondering about the distance.  BTW - the course record from last year was 432.4 km, or 268.7 miles.


- SM - 

roadskater's picture

Over 274 Miles of Inline Skating in One Day!

Wow, Mark. That is beyond belief. I think 240 was what I expected, as 10 mph would be incredibly good within 24 hours. This is truly an amazing effort and you know I'm inspired, indeed. That is some great skating at 11.4 mph. Thanks for sharing and we look forward to reading your story.
eebee's picture


274 miles in 24 hours, or even 274 miles in 36 or 48 hours, is unfathomable! Congratulations, Skatey-Mark.


Happy recovery! I can't imagine how that must've hurt! Has the soreness gone already?

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