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Skatin' Ain't Cyclin' but Draftin' is Still Draftin' Even on Hills! Cycling, Maybe Inline Skating, the Big Hills

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Well not much to say here but there was a pretty interesting little piece in VeloNews wherein they attempted to answer whether drafting was a good idea on hills or is it just down to the power of the individual skater...i typed that but i meant...cyclist. The short answer was drafting helps, though less on the ups, but on the ups before the final climb, there's more to it, including some team tactics and psychological factors. I think this is worth a read. It gives me a bit of encouragement to still try to be in and to give a draft on the hills when it doesn't mess up someone's climbing stroke to do so. Check out the cycling piece at... http://www.velonews.com/article/84433/why-draft-on-the-big-climbs


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draftin' is draftin'

That's a good article. It helps explain why solo outings are so tiring compared to group skates. Skatin' ain't cyclin' and draftin' is draftin' but best not to be tradin' paint in either case, ya know? Even though the uphill drafting benefits are significantly reduced, every little bit helps, plus the ability to get in a good cadence with other skaters helps the ups.

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