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Skweight Management Week 1

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With weight fluctuations just as I expected, in this past week I gained as much as 1 lb and lost as many as 3 lbs. However, today I am 2 whole pounds lighter than I was 10 days ago. It's good to lose weight slowly but surely. I don't necessarily feel like I've lost any weight, but as Jack said about himself, I feel much more energetic, and definitely stronger.

I was able to skate 30-40 mins, 4 out of 7 days, on a slightly hilly course, and 2 ambling hours in downtown Greensboro. So nothing majorly strenuous. Although two out of the 30 minute skates I felt like skating harder, to where I was somewhat out of breath.

I got the tape measure out a few days ago and will post any improvements probably once a month. My clothes are a teensy bit looser, but the waistbands are still digging in!

I'm happy to report the absence of diet battiness. My moods are more even, and skating almost every day is lifting the fog, big-time.


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Experiencing the

Experiencing the "sklightness of being", and that's a good thing :-)

While your net weight loss hasn't been that much, at this point, your gains have been. Primarily, I would say due to fat being converted to muscle mass. Don't know how much you want to lose, but would imagine you're not too far from your target at this point. Taking that a step farther, why have a target? Establish a training routine that is reasonable for you, eat sensibly, and be done with it. I think we get too hung up on specifics: miles, times, whatever. I don't carry a stop watch anymore, nor do I log my miles. OK, somewhere in the back of my head I do, but not in a regimented way. It eliminates the possibility of disappointment in myself, when I can't get to that "next level". That's not to say I don't push myself, I just do it when it feels good. If it doesn't, I back off.

Keep up the good work!!


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I am 1 pound lighter

I am 1 pound lighter according to the scales which have read the same weight pretty consistently for the last week. Like Elizabeth not sure that I have "lost" weight, and certainly haven't changed my eating habits, but don't feel as frumpy.
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congrats and me too (-1lb)

Great! It's good to lose weight slowly and consistently (it stays off for longer, in my experience).


I'm also down 1 more pound, so that's -3.5lbs total in about 2.5 weeks. This past 10 days I skated my 30 mins in the park twice, and 1 hr 15 mins once, and 2 hrs in the same (now getting boring!) park in 92 Deg F heat! I got through alot of water, ice and gatorade on that one. No idea how far I went or what my hr was. I also went to the Philly Freedom Skate and skated about 60 relatively hilly miles over 3 days with hundreds of other variously-skilled skaters. A beautiful thing! On the way back through Greensboro Blake and I skated the Country Park to Bur-Mill trail in 2 hrs (Tanglewoodians from 2005 will know the far-end of this trail from the Fri night skate), which was 14 miles total. It was very leisurely and we stopped to have a nice chat with an angry, exercise- and tolerance-challenged mini van driver who's day we obviously ruined by skating very skinnily down a 1/2 mile stretch of road linking the two ends of the trail otherwise joined by gravel. We stopped for other, much more positive conversations too.


Skating in Philly with the usual suspects woke up my hill muscles in a glorious way!  I usually gain alot of water-weight after these events but this time I didn't. I wasn't mainlining gatorade this time, just cokes and water! Being under the weather stomach-wise, I stuck to very starchy & stodgy food like potatoes, pasta, bananas and baked (dry as heck) chicken, but I'm certainly not dieting or worrying about calories, fat grams, etc.

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