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Slow and Steady

My username is a misnomer.  Rabbit, hah, more like a turtle.  But whether anyone believes it or not, I have come a long way in the past 4 months.  And more importantly - I am having fun doing it and making lots of wonderful new friends.  I was so excited today to discover that I actually have a class designation among cyclists. I kept searching for the ranks and how to determine A versus B versus C.  And were there any other classes? From what I had seen, there were not.  I had determined that I must be an F.  I prefer to call myself "SS", slow and steady.  Finally, after much googling I decided to throw the question out to the "Triad Ride List".  Two people kindly responded with this link (http://www.greensborovelo.com/rec/).  Upon visiting that web site, I discovered that I am not an "F" - I am a "D".  And better yet, in the middle of D - halfway to a C.  I now have a definitive and attainable goal.  "C" riders watch out - I'm on your left!


eebee's picture


Hi Jack Rabbit! Great to hear of someone taking up a healthy hobby/obsession :-). Having cycling or skating goals is a very effective way to improve one's fitness level. Even better when you're having so much fun.

I followed the greensborovelo.com link you provided, and found myself enjoying the Charleston Festivelo photos. They brought back great memories of when Roadskater and I skated the Ride Around the Islands back in Dec 2003. I can almost feel the cold air in my nostrils and lungs, looking at those photos. Ah those were the days: plenty of time, energy and credit. 

Signing yourself up for an event is also a great way to scare yourself into training enough to at least be able to finish! I find this particularly motivating. Are you training for any events in particular? 

roadskater's picture

The most important class: OTC

More later, perhaps, as this is from my phone and I do not trust it, but the most important class we are in is OTC...Off the Couch. Congratulations and welcome.

timv's picture

Oh, that OTC

I thought you meant "over the counter," as in antihistimines, decongestants, anti-inflammatories, and non-prescription stimulants, without which I would never be able to get myself off the couch.

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