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The snow and what it told me about people's activity levels

kjg's picture

As I run my route in the snow this evening it told me something....no I am not delusional again......I ran a portion of the route that I ran on Saturday morning just after the snow first fell. Then it froze and then it snowed again (kind of like a snow lasagna!) There were portions of sidewalk where the only footprints were the ones that I had left on Saturday morning, now covered with fresh snow.

This is NOT the middle of nowhere it is in a subdivision in front of peoples houses, so this means that NO-ONE had set foot onto the sidewalk since I had on Saturday morning. There were plenty of tire tracks on the driveways, but no foot prints. this made me sad. I realised how little people walk around and I realised it meant they weren't visiting their neighbors or even shovelling their sidewalks (although that may be good since I am sure it is the #1 cause of winter heart attacks!)

Then as I turned into my street my thoughts changed (as they often seem to, must be related to the happiness of being nearly home!) as I saw four kids playing on a tiny hill in the snow in the dark. I thought that they must have come home from school and begged to be allowed to play in the snow (for the third day straight) - it restored my hope in the future. Now all we need is to keep them active into adulthood!


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Colorado Cobalt and Deepest White Along the Poudre Trail

I enjoyed you notes on what the snow said, and saw another such piece from out in Colorado, where the Poudre Trail runs from Greely to Windsor. It's funny how we choose where we live, or it chooses us or both or neither...

I've taken the liberty of drawing my title from words contained in Tom Adams' guest commentary in the Greely Tribune, for I like the word cobalt, as it says pottery to me, maybe with tomato soup within, and deepest white is a nice thought, shadowed ice and snow perhaps, on a crisp crackling day...Memories of the Appalachain Trail in Thanksgiving ice years ago.

I'm glad this person shared their notes, and that you did too.

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