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Sparkles Speed Skaters Blurring By on a Wednesday Night

roadskater's picture
I had a chance to hang out with eebee a bit while she was working on a project to promote skating a bit. We both took our cameras to see what we'd get, ill equipped as we were, without some of my fun lenses. We got to see some new folk and some fellow Athens to Atlanta and US10K veterans as well. I was mostly chilling and hoping to capture a photo of the day or two or more. Anyway, here's a sample that's not likely suitable for print but it sure is fun the ghostly way it turned out.


Sparkles Roller Skating Rink sparklesrollerrinks.com
1104 Grayson Hwy
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30045
United States
33° 55' 17.9184" N, 83° 58' 18.5628" W


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Another Multiple Sclerosis - Skating Connection for me

At the speed practice I got to know a 40 year-oldish skater whose doctors are toying with the idea of diagnosing him with MS. He has been having symptoms for about a year, and pointed out to me the Mono exposure/Eppstein-Barr virus connection with MS in later years. He said his first ever MS-like symptoms showed up almost 20 years to the day that he came down with Mono. One of his first symptoms was a wet-like sensation in his lower legs, and he explained to me that the erratic nature of the relapses makes an official diagnosis tricky. As this fellow spoke to me about his possible MS, I was accutely aware of the nagging, vibrating sensation I had felt for a few days in my left foot, and tried not to freak out. Not trying to be cute, but I'm really hoping it's just because I'm too fat for my jeans right now. The list of symptoms for MS is so vast, I easily identified with one aspect of four different categories, one strange one that I've had since I was ten. Anyway, I'm probably just severely sleep-deprived, but this has reinforced my decision to sign up early again for more Tour to Tanglewood madness!

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