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Speed Map: Spinz Bike Shop High Point Tanglewood Training Ride Inline Skate

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Here's the speed map from the Spinz bike shop training bike ride and skate in High Point, Archdale and Sophia, almost up to Caraway Mountain. We maxed out at 35 or so but some of it felt faster because of the country side, lay of the land, and curve of the roads. There were some stiff climbs and it was a fun day of skatey company even if we weren't all at the same speed all the time. The rain at the end gave eebee a little spark since that's childhood weather for her methinks. Jack, eebee and myself cruised in after the others had departed...I think that was Andrew, Kim and Amy and I hope I'm not missing anyone here...we were not all really together before the start!



United States
35° 55' 3.8784" N, 79° 58' 29.3952" W
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