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Speed Map: Tour de Kale Bike Ride Inline Skate Denton NC

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We love that Tour de Kale! Sorry so long getting anything from my data and photos, but working for money is a bummer even when it's for really worthwhile causes. Here's the speed map from TdK, and we almost cracked 40 mph with just eebee and myself together at the time. MikeB was there and Northinsouth had daughter NorthinsouthJr there riding the bike and trailer, respectively. Beyond that I'll have to look back at my photos, but I remember meeting the guy that owned the whole place (Denton Farm Park) and he said he "worked there" in typical marvelous understatement! Now that's good people! It was great to see Kale and the rest of the family and friends so close to him, and to be so incredibly welcome just because we were on skates! We missed our skatepals and couldn't keep up with the Northinsouth crew or MikeB, but we had an awesome hot skate in the country day...and by the time we saw MikeB again we were really getting overheated but enjoying the sweat and toil of the road.



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Tour de Kale: speed map? or lack of speed map?

Woooo-Weeeee, the multitude of colors in Blake's Tour de Kale Speed Map reminds me how steep some climbs were and on a few of the descents as well. Why is it the ascents were twice as frequent as the descents - I still don't get that. After reading his quick paragraph I had to chime in: Ya right, you couldn't keep up with me.....likely story. I fell for your evil plan - hook, line and sinker: "oh, MikeB, you've trained with some fast No.Raleigh skaters.....we're probably holding you up, I'm sure your fast, don't let us keep you." All the while knowing it was my first organized event and we were in the 1st five miles so legs were fresh. So sure, after the 3rd time you mentioned it - I bought it; picked up the pace; and never looked back. Until the 2nd rest stop that is. This is where my tank was running close to "E" with 10 of the 37 miles to go....10 miles that seemed to be mostly unforgiving inclines. I now know you knew I didn't know you knew this to be the case, ya know? So I'm on E and you & eebee come blissfully to the rest stop, fresh as a spring daisies, grab a drink and Jelly sammiches from the sweet volunteers, and roll on. I hung with you for maybe a mile.....maybe, but the legs couldn't keep the pace so much needed drafting was unavailable. With every hill you got smaller and smaller until finally, as I crested another hill, you two were nowhere to be seen - just left me there, like some discarded unwanted puppy whimpering roadside for a friendly face to stop and pick me up. I trudged on though, determined to finish. And with 100 yard to go, my legs completely locked up. Not once, not twice but 3 times. That's never happened before and would prefer it not ever again. That stretch was the worst for me. (your evil plan now fulfilled ;-) All in all though it was a great event. I very much enjoyed it and will do it again. But won't go out so fast next time. The earlier miles were the best, and what a rush to reel in cyclists one by one and kinda freak them out skating passed them. To cap off the skate to waiting volunteer arms armed with cold wet towels and bottled water, then a BBQ plate and a raffle prize - well that was pretty cool. And I wear my TdK t-shirt all the time. I'm darn proud of 37 miles. Ya, it's true.... my skates and I were not on speaking terms the entire trip home and for the next few days, but we've made up since then.

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