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Speed Skater Apolo Ohno Training Article Video from Time

eebee's picture

A nice little diversion for me from swimming in the shark-infested car dealership lots.

Apolo runs a mile to warm down.

Here's the vid, complete with obligatory techno background.

40 mph? Really?


eebee's picture

US Snowboarder Graham Watanabe balance & strength drill

I forgot how distracting the Winter Olympics are! 

I haven't found the video online yet but I just saw a quick snippet on NBC of an interview with US snowboarder Graham Watanabe. He was demonstrating a strength and agility exercise for his sport where he launches himself from a trampette onto a large exercise ball, resting on a huge crash mat. Looks like a lot of ankle-twisting fun.

Before becoming an obsessive long-distance skater, I used to have two left feet and would stumble easily. I am glad to report that is all in the past and about the only time I fall on dry land now is if both feet are taken out from under me at the same time. For example, stepping out of bed on one foot in the middle of the night while resting the other leg on the bed, to stop my sleepwalking son from unlocking the front door...and watching my floor-bound foot sail away on a slippery pile of magazines...

The trampette-ball jump looks like it would achieve a similar balance benefit! I'm pretty sure I could fit a crash mat in my apartment if I got rid of the couch and dining table...

JonathanS's picture

Thanks for that post eebee.

Thanks for that post eebee.  Those skaters are amazing, especially the angles the skate at.  I like the stair drills.  Seems like a good thing to add in, especially this winter when its been so hard to get out and skate at all.  

Although after watching this, I feel like a couch potato.  I was proud of myself for just doing some strength training this winter, maybe 15min a day, and these guys are going all day, every day.  Wow.

Jonathan S

eebee's picture


Well let's see them hold down a full-time job, go to school and what the heck, let's throw raising a couple of kids in there too...and see how many hours they'd train :-). Don't be too hard on yourself!

Those one-legged stair jumps look challenging and useful, if you've a) already been strengthening your quads, or b) are less than 28 years old!

I don't have a problem with Apolo having taking part in DWTS, especially since he won. Perhaps more people will sit up and take notice of skating in general because of it.

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