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Squiggy Classic Inline 2009 - Tampa, Florida, March 13-15; Photo Links Added

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Invitation to Squiggy Classic Inline 2009 - Tampa, Florida, March 13-15 2009.

Dear all roadskaters:-)

Just wanted to let you know of a sunny, flat, warm, friendly skate and race in Florida in just 2 weeks.

If you have never heard of Squiggy go here http://www.squiggyclassicinline.com/faq_photo/faq.php

In a few words we are two skaters - Jessica Wright and Birgit Holme that are organizing a skate weekend for all levels of skating.

Friday we have a social Skate in the Dark

Saturday a 7 mile Time Trial and

Sunday we have a half marathon and a marathon on a perfectly flat and smooth course out in a wilderness park = perfect skating conditions.

On top of the great Florida weather we are also the opening race for NROC this year - if you have never heard about NROC before then go here and learn more http://nroc.inlineplanet.com/NROC is short for National Roller Cup.


Hope to lots of you there!!


Online signup is here http://www.active.com/page/Event_Details.htm?event_id=1552496&assetId=6f...

Any questions - what so ever - send me an email or post here or both - I'll be happy to help!!




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Squiggy is GREAT!

I did this race last year and it was awesome! Just as Birgit said, the trail is flat as a pancake and smooth as one too! :-) It's a bit narrow, so passing might be an issue in the final sprint (so start your sprint early:-) ) but everything else is top notch!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it down to Squiggy this year but I would highly recommend this event to anyone who can make it!

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Oh no

He said, pancake. Yum! Might have to try eebee's recipe.
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Thanks - we try our best!

We moved the finish down a bit, so that the big wide open space at the "Y" can be used to pass and then then finish is 100 yards or so closer to the Ranger Station. Its a bit hard to explain but see the "national anthem video" on this page http://www.squiggyclassicinline.com/faq_photo/photogallery.php Where all the people are gathered will be open for you to make a final pass - so yes the trail is not the most wide in the world, but there should be more room this year. But yes do start you sprint early, if you can hold it from the last bridge - maybe 500 yards - then when you see that bridge go for it!! :-) People asked for "can't you make a sign" and nope we will not make a "500 yards to finish sign" or something like that, you have 3 passings of the finish line, make sure to take note of landmarks!! :-) Still room for more, come down and enjoy the sunny and warm Florida. /Birgit
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Squiggy Classic Inline Marathon 2009 photos link

Very nicely-done photos here. The kids look so cute! Actually, I think it's just the time trial photos so far, rather than the entire marathon.
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Thanks for the Photo Links

Thanks for adding photo links, eebee! We love photos!
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More Squiggy Classic Inline Marathon photos

Here are more of the professional photos from the actual marathon. If you're on any skate list you've probably already seen the links to these, but I thought they deserved an extra plug because they're great shots. There are several of most skaters, so you can click through and see stills of their skate technique probably less than a second apart. I was happy to see some of the women double-pushing. I don't ever get to see that because I'm usually not skating anywhere near them :-). Also fun are the shots of a particular bend, and you can see people's crossovers. Interesting to me to see where people start their crossovers.

Looks like a beautiful, flat course.

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Thanks for posting

Thanks for posting them!! And yes we did have a professional photographer take them. His name is Jeff Adams, used to speed skate himself. Besides being awesome photo's he made us a very great deal, each picture only cost $5 and you get the digital file with!! Please buy plenty of photos so that he will help us next year again. Flatwoods is a very beautiful park - if you have never been make a mark on you calender and come down - rather sooner than later. And yes it is absolutely flat as a pancake, the only bumps is the occasional snake - and yes we had a two foot angry cotton mouth passing the trail at the Friday night social skate. In the summertime the snakes love to take a nap on the asphalt as the sun sets - in principle "cute" but dang I hate it!! :-) I have no clue where they will go and I'm scared to decaptivate one and thereby fall... That would be an irritating way to get road rash...
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Ooops forgot to post the

Ooops forgot to post the link to the results http://www.triandduit.com/webforms/tad_ResultsNew.aspx We had a total of 154 skaters over the weekend and 145 of them were signed up for either marathon or half marathon One participant video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My1RaJN3WBA and another here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3sU7bil8gY Enjoy! If I find more I'll post again /Birgit
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cool tricycle

Forget the skates, that tricycle the two kids are riding on page 41 of the pictures link eebee provided is cool. Where can I get the adult version of that?
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Ha Ha! Those kids are gettin' around town like the Italians. One more person on the handle bars and they'll be set.
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Those two kids are from the local Team Florida with coach Renee Hildebrand out of Ocala. Trust my they look cute on the picture, but... Hmmmm I do think that your skates will get you faster to where ever than the tricycle - but let that be a test!! :-)
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2009 Squiggy Classic Inline Skating Marathon

The 2009 Squiggy Classic Inline Skating Marathon is part of the Squiggy Classic Annual Sports Festival hosted by the Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department and the Wilderness Trails Association in Tampa, Florida. This is a video of the 2009 Inline Skating Marathon, one of the best organized skating marathons that I have been in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRogtYuXzMI The start-up for skaters: 1) Full Marathon - Elite male 2) Full Marathon - Elite Female 3) Full Marathon - Elite Master Male and Female 4) Full Marathon - Advanced 5) Full Marathon - Open 6) 1/2 Marathon Mass Start (no waves) The 1/2 Marathon is a mass start, no waves Next Squiggy Classic: March 12-14, 2010 in Tampa, Florida GustavoAMH

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