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State Games of North Carolina (NC) 2007 Cycling Criterium Photos

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With the State Games of North Carolina bike events (mountain biking and road cycling criterium) being held in Greensboro Country Park in 2007, I was looking forward to a weekend of less training, just walking around the park watching cyclists of all sorts and ages reach their limits in search of some North Carolina glory. However, it didn't work out that way as I decided to spend all day Saturday skating on the American Tobacco Trail, which led me to sleep in on Sunday, not even hearing my alarm.

As a result, I missed the women's and masters men's competitions, among others, but I still got out in time to see the afternoon cat 1/2/3, cat 4, cat 5 and some of the other categories. As I heard it, the champion in cat 1/2/3 was 55+ years of age, with an age gap to second place of over 30 years.

The course for the event is the same as the Carolina Cup criterium, usually held in September. As participants were required to be from North Carolina (having lived here the last 30 days as I understand it), the pack of racers was a bit thinner and the crowd smaller, so it was easier to move around.

It was a nice sunny afternoon with temperatures from 84 to 86 degrees with calm winds of seven to nine mph.

Please see my 215 photos elsewhere on Roadskater.net:


My photos were taken by walking the course (or the grass beside the course) in reverse order, starting from the last big uphill at the entrance to Greensboro Country Park from Jaycee Park (which is called Greensboro State Park on the old maps). I use a Sony DSC-S50, which usually is plenty good, but the shutter lag is pretty large for taking photos of criterium racing. I had to anticipate and hope, then wait for the photo to write to media, then fire the shutter again as quickly as possible to try for the next shot. It's a bit frustrating, and helps explain how many shots are slightly (or more) from behind the speedy cyclists (but I still love my camera as it has put in thousands of trusty miles while on inline skates).

I hope you enjoy the photos and I welcome your comments here on the event, whatever you notice about the photographs or know about the racers or equipment, and so on. Unfortunately I have to ask people to sign up for a free account so I can try to keep the site free of irrelevant unwanted junk posts from sellers of this or that. But please know I want cyclists and skaters and lovers of exercise for charity to join!

The State Games of NC are coming back to Greensboro in 2008, so let's spread the word and make sure to be there to support the event and the riders. As always, Dale Brown of Cycles de Oro gave much time and effort to this event, and members of the Cycles de Oro team and Fat Tire Society and others volunteered their time and effort before the races to maintain the courses and prepare them for racing. Excellent! It was a nice afternoon of free entertainment and inspiration.


An easy bronze for showing up

Great recap of Sunday's races Blake. Just a note to add. Some of the women's races had so few participants that showing up would have earned a female cyclist a bronze medal.

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