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Staying Cool: Temperature Management Ideas from the Tour de France

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Good stuff from Velonews about Team Garmin-Chipotle and how Dr. Allen Lim improved performance and recovery by keeping the riders cool:

The team believes dealing with heat is more than just an issue of comfort.

“I would say that thermoregulation during racing is probably the single greatest limiting factor of performance during the summer; anytime you’re above 75-76-degrees,” says Lim. “When you do this [keep cool] you don’t have to use as much energy to cool yourself down so more of that blood can be used to actually deliver oxygen [to the muscles.]”

Dunno whether any of the specifics in there will be helpful for us roadskaters, but I have no doubt that body temperature makes a huge difference in our skating performance. There's plenty of food for thought here at the least.


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Interesting article, Timv. I have noticed myself that my heart rate and performance suffer once temps are over 85 deg F or so, but I never really thought I could actually do something about it! Lately I have seen increasing numbers of walkers or joggers wearing ice vests. It'll be interesting to see how all this will break down to the average roadskater (huh! An oxymoron there) or cyclist. Ice socks around the neck sounds like a good idea. In the same vein as beating the elements in a portable fashion: back in the 80s and early 90s when straight, flat hair wasn't the coveted beauty mark that it is now, I used to fantasize about inventing an anti-humidity hair device that (mostly) women could wear from their house to their cars then from their cars to the office to preserve their recently poofed-up hair. In the parking lot outside the Tandoor Indian restaurant on West Market Street in Greensboro, an unmanned ice-vending kiosk always gets my attention, and I mentioned to Blake that I wish these things were out in the country sometimes on those long, baked skrides. However, as Andy, Blake and I discovered at Tour de Guilford, all the fire stations have chests full of ice with which Blake can stuff his jersey, shorts and helmet.

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