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Strange Convergence: My Skates on Skatebay RSN2 eBay Most Watched

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Ha! What Fun. Silly fun, but still. I put some Verducci V-Tek Size 9 (Size 41 EU) skate boots and some off-road inline Rollerblade Coyote Size 10 (which RB call 43 EU) up for a penny each on eBay auctions. I thought they would get some attention, but wondered how much. Well looking at the Skatebay most watched skate items which are listed on the bottom of RSN2 pages (at least for now; i hope to make the display rotate "some day"), I saw both of my skate ads (with the magenta borders). That's truly some silly fun to see different things I'm doing mixed together on the web. No it's not a huge irony or coincidence but it was still a nice surprise. OK. That's all. I guess I'd better pack and get over to my parents' house to be with family and wait for turkey and hmmm...graaavy. Skateylove y'all and Happy Turkey Day. Below are links if my skates aren't showing up on the hot list any more. Blake





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Ebay Rollerblade Coyote Verducci V-Tek Salomon and Miller

It's funny how eBay auctions go! There's a lot of second guessing available to me about ending the auctions on Sunday and Monday after Thanksgiving. It turns out that Friday and Saturday's data seems more promising. I had thought people would be out shopping or busy with family events, and that Sunday they might be home and ready for an eFix.


However, looking at BIN (Buy It Now) item records, it seems Tuesday and Friday were good days during the week of Thanksgiving. Books took a dive from a peak of over 50% sell-through to under 20% sell-through. Some of this could be affected by the recent 20-cent listing sale, as a lot of marginal items hit the market and it is harder for items to be noticed during the seven days (one would assume most are 7-day listings) these listings are active.


Next year, let's remember to end auctions Tuesday and Friday of Thanksgiving week, with Saturday as the fall-back position. Sunday seems tired and Monday not as fruitful as expected.


In any case, the Verducci V-Teks went for $76 (+$15 s/h) after starting from a penny, which I consider to be a very good deal for the buyer. One person offered me $150 to take them down from auction and sell them to him. He communicated this offer through the eBay messaging system, so I did not feel right about doing it, and I told him I hoped he'd bid instead and get them cheaper! Unfortunately, while he was very nice about it, I don't think he bothered to bid.


I got my money back, or very close to it, after buying the boots used and having a chance to try the boots and find out the correct sizing for me. I was honest about blemishes and that may have hurt the price, but I think it had more to do with who was available at the computer at that moment and ready to bid. Also, it is entirely likely that the fair market value of these great boots is only $91 or so ($76 plus $15 s/h).


In general I expected that there would be someone else out there willing to pay a dollar or so less than I won them for, or they wouldn't have gone that high in the first place. Trying out a set of boots for $1 plus shipping and handling plus a few dollars in fees is better for me now than buying some customs in hopes they will work. And I could have doubled my money if I could have gotten past my fear and scruples. (Fear and Scruples sounds like a good follow up to Bread and Circus, or Fear and Loathing.)  


The Rollerblade Coyotes did about like I expected. I had noticed these were hot by looking at completed auctions. That's why I listed them. It looked like several auctions ended early (a tipoff that someone had made an offer and scooped them from the auction, or they had sold elsewhere, otherwise). Other than those successful auctions, a couple more were in the $130 to $170 range. This is way above the price they were going for when RB/Benetton decided to dump them a few years back. It appears these well made rock solid off road skates are getting the respect they deserve, probably five years too late to help RB!


My Coyotes went for about $149 (+$20 s/h which was a bit low, considering the weight, the size being over 84 inches, and the time packaging), starting from a penny. So RB Coyotes seem to be worth about $170 face-to-face and $150 + $20 through the mail.


I've put up a couple more sets of boots acquired along the way, donated to help with the costs of Roadskater.net's activities. These items are also up for a penny:


Salomon TR Carbon (TRCarbon) custom fit (customfit) size 10.5 US inline speed skate boots that look a lot like timv's Hyper Hy-Velocity boots (I think that's the name), not in color outside but in the construction and materials inside and out (other than cosmetics):



Miller size 180 inline speed skating boots that I only wish had fit me. These are grizzled war vets of the road but I would love it if they were just a bit larger. They seem about size 9 US:



I hope you guys find these comments interesting. eBay is a pretty good way to try out other people's skates! Of course I would rather be fitted for some new Italian speed skates, but OK!

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